Help About FlashLights?

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Help About FlashLights?

New postby imalazybiznatch on Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:14 pm

Well, if you have read my latest topic on me making my new zombie map, you will understand where this is coming from. Basically, the map will be pretty dark to give it a spooky scary feeling, however I saw on this one map I played before where there was an ability to turn on and off flashlights. I really want that but have no idea where to start. Could anybody help me?

Pretty much when the flashlight is turned on, it doesn't give the unit a greater sight radius day/night, it simply makes the units sight radius brighter. When turned off, the sight radius becomes as dark as the rest of the map.
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Re: Help About FlashLights?

New postby willydawiller on Sat Feb 28, 2009 12:33 pm

easiest way to learn is to experiment for yourself ofcourse but i'll still share my
wisdom :) mehmehmeh

if you have tft then you can maybe make the night elf ability ultravision somehow
possible to be turned off, or make a custom unit that has no model but longer vision
then the caster of the spell and then trigger "unit casts spell" or whatever its called
and create unit "unit with no model" att position of triggering unit, then you need
an other trigger that moves the created unit to follow the caster

(removing a modell can be done by selecting the unit in object editor and then the model file,
there check the custom box and write anything you like there and then when you look att the unit
again it has no model maybe a shadow depeding on if you want to keep the shadow or remove
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