Map .MPQ Imports and Game Data Extraction [Help?]

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Map .MPQ Imports and Game Data Extraction [Help?]

Unread post by BugMeNot »

    As the title suggests I would like to inquire upon how one goes around constructing either an executable installer which installs map components directly into critical game data or (preferably) how one could create an external storage in which a specific map can tap into and retrieve important data.

    I apologize if I already appear as though I have little to no idea what I am asking, being sleep deprived and running short on time may not be best formula to be using while typing up a question such as this though I may as well explain why:

    The map developing team which I serve is currently testing the capabilities of the Galaxy Editor and is rather impressed with the results; besides the obvious extension to built-in assembly options, they have also ran into a rather large wall with developing their future release. Size. So I, (along with other members) have been released upon the internet in Wizard-of-Oz-Flying-Monkey-like fashion to search out and find casual players who may have used some form of alternate compression or storage for their games incase Blizzard does not up BNet 2.0 limitations for map sharing. (40MB Min..)

    3ICE, it is to my understanding that you have knowledge on this subject and I am curious as to whether you can give a small run down on what would be needed to accomplish this. I do also understand that the World Editor and the Galaxy Editor are two different items, though (as mad as this may sound) understanding one will help greatly in understanding the other.

    I thank you very much for your time, I shall be checking upon this thread regularly.

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