Need some help with my TD map (specific waves)

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Need some help with my TD map (specific waves)

New postby Lampje on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:48 pm

Hello, i am Lampje.

i started to make my selve a TD map in wc3-ft.
single play is relativly eazy and iv got that done in just a few hours.
the real chalange was muliplayer.
atm i have a 4 play map workign with normal waves and towers with tower upgrades etc
all costum.

now the part i dont know ho to do.
i have a imune wave ( fast runners and imune to my freeze towers) ( when i aplay abilety ''spell inmune'' on that unit)
if my slow/frees tower has magic dmg the tower wont even shoot ( i like that part)
that is all working fine ..
now the part i dont know how to do.
and the part that is not working yet ..
i whant to make a tower (unit) that only will shoot at 1 specific wave (units) High hp units .. ( this tower will have some extra dmg)

but when i change the Combat - Targeted as Hero or friend or tree ( or anny kind that is not Ground or air)
and when i change that special tower to the same combat - atack 1 - Targets aloud Hero or friend or tree ( or anny kind that is not Ground or air)
that tower does nothing .. and my remaning towers that have combat - atack 1 - Targets aloud ground, hero, friend, tree, ect....
those towers wont even atack it eiter.....

i sure hope you know what i am talking about and you ppl can help me
please respond

when i use a inmune wave my slow towers wotn target thmen this is awsome due to (spell immune) ability

no when i do a High HP wave i whant to make a tower they only targets theese units .. and the rest of the waves not ..
how am i able to do this ??

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Re: Need some help with my TD map (specific waves)

New postby 3ICE on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:53 pm

Please post a screenshot, or attach your map, as we are not speaking the same dialect of English and I find it hard to understand you.

The solution you described should work -- at least in theory -- so it might be just a simple oversight.

As a cheap workaround; If you use uniform waves you could pause every tower you do not want to be shooting for the duration of that wave.

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