BSOD: Took THREE attempts to install build 17025.1000 (Fi...

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BSOD: Took THREE attempts to install build 17025.1000 (Fi...

New postby 3ICE on Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:18 pm

(First two: BSOD after about an hour of installing, with: ":( memory management")

This is feedback I sent Microsoft. 8-9 months ago.

I am giving you exactly as much information as the stupid blue screen gave me. Namely: ":(" with not even a proper stop code and entirely missing the four parameter bytes. Just MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and it ignored CTRL+ALT+DEL, so I had to physically power off my machine.
And the scannable QR code, while a cute idea and could be developed, at the moment serves almost no purpose. One; it's blurry (bad resolution). Two; it takes you to support _home_ page. No, not to the specific error. Even a bing search with the stop code would be more useful than this. Wasted opportunity to do something great.

I'm worried I'll have more issues soon, if even the install couldn't succeed twice. What else is in store for me? Should I revert or wait for my doom?

Figured it out. I plugged in an SD card, immediate blue screen of death. Is this a regression? It worked in the previous build. The first two installs I had the SD card inserted, the third I removed it. As soon as I plug it back in, BSoD.

Yes, related to memory. (I wish you'd tell me more. Show the stop code and the flags like you used to, or something.)

reproduced it again. Mouse stops moving then a second later Blue Screen. How do I send a BSoD capture? If I click start capture, plug in the SD card, my computer crashes, but the capture is lost.

I apologize for calling it blue previously. It was clearly green the last time as well. sdcard -> gsod
My computer is unable to boot into Windows if an sd card is in the multi-reader. Without a card it works fine. sdcards worked in previous builds.

This is hilarious: Yes, I had sd card in, while installing this build, it green screen'd on me at the end of the install and rolled back. TWICE, before I finally figured it out.

Inserting SD card Still crashes my machine. I've tried reseating the reader, moving it to a different slot, using an older driver and the latest one. All crash the same.


Yup. Hilarious: I had sd card in, while installing this build, it green screen'd on me at the end of the install and rolled back. TWICE, before I finally figured it out.

Interesting how we both ask how to capture data on the crash itself :) I tried the same (start capture -> crash) but yeah it self-destructs the logs.
Here is my relevant feedback item:

Someone else also confirms:
David KI have this as well. Inserted an SD card, immediate green screen. System collects info, and reboots. With the card still inserted, the system will again green screen as it's booting. It did this 3 times, after which I removed the SD card and restarted with no issues.

Is there a way to start a capture and have it stay around across a green-screen reboot? This is 100% reproducible, and did not occur on previous builds.
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