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A Friend is permabanned across all accounts. WTF Jagex

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:42 am
by 3ICE
I'm so glad I managed to watch* that "controversial" (but not bad, really) video before it was taken down. Censorship sucks. Fuck Jagex, unban this guy. No one deserves to lose an account they've worked on for years! There's potentially one less Completionist cape in the game now. What a wasteful way to punish someone... Take away the 1B, ban for a week, whatever. Permabans are like death sentences. We don't hand them out carelessly or you might accidentally kill an innocent. Can't take back murder!
I watched it just as I went on a one week holiday too. That's why I only now saw this update. What an unexpected result. I wish I had saved it, could have reuploaded it elsewhere. The video title was:
Staking Donators Money & Update Review - Stake [...] vs. Jagex’s Sand Casino
Self censorship sucks but I had to... Just replace [...] with how a typical website ends.