"Get off my internetz, kids!" + YouTube algorithm rant

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"Get off my internetz, kids!" + YouTube algorithm rant

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@The Narwhal: Kids will be kids. Its the parents you should berate for letting them out onto the vast internet at such an impressionable age. I believe YouTube rules state users must be over 13 years old. This kid spelling genius as "ginyus" is like 8 or 9 tops. Although there is a YouTube for kids app now on Android. How's that work if users must be 13+?

Randomly left the above comment on a stupid clickbait video that's not even worth linking. Some "gone viral" shit, this "Can FOAM DARTS Float A Person??" type of deal. I'm only bitter because I'm jealous of their undeserved success. Probably.
In fact I went smartass on them for no good reason:

Might as well have used just the bags. The air inside them can float even better than foam-filled. Useless extra weight. Probably intentional stupidity to catch know-it-all types like myself and make them leave their pointless correction comments.
Well, I fell for it so good job. My 0.0001$ ad money is yours. And I fed the YouTube algorithm score my undivided attention and even increased viewer interaction metric with my dislike and these two comments.

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