Read the Odyssey and Beowulf

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Read the Odyssey and Beowulf

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I loved both. English isn't my first language though, so the Germanic / "Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe" they were written in appealed to me. It had so many familiar words from the other languages I learned before English, including some sourced from my mother tongue, even. Now; I'd put a short Odyssey excerpt here, but instead let me quote TV Tropes wiki: Be the tale set in glorious 1300s Scotland or vexing 1840s Cardiff, appropriately "old-fashioned" English shalt if baſed on the archaic King James Bible. Thine formula is simple: addeth thou "-eth" and "-est" to random verbs, scattereth thou silent Es like the leaves of autumne, bandyeth about the words "thee", "thou", "thine", "doth", "hast", and "forsooth", reverseth 'pon every other occasion thine noun-verb order, and strewth, thou doth be the next Billy Shakespeare! Shouldſt thou wiſh ſome cheaply earned bonus points, uſeth thou the "long S" glyph (ſ) in every poſſible faſhion, be it hiſtorically accurate or otherwiſe. This doth makest the characters soundeth like idiots complete to any viewer that possesseth pon a verse of uni degree… especially if it goest on for long passages. Zounds! Yea! Verily!

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