Re: How to confidence test other men and learn why guys test

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Re: How to confidence test other men and learn why guys test

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What if, instead of playing (and losing at) their stupid little alpha-beta-subhuman|trash game, I show them this video? (Provided they don't smash my phone as yet another "test".) Is forced self-reflection an efficient way at all to disarm these damn primal brained monkeys? If they'll watch it at all... Probably not. They are always scuttling about in the dirt, playing at fisticuffs, and scuffing for some kind of better-perceived but otherwise meaningless position or status. Driven by instinct, not intellectualism. To draw attention away from their own weakness, they expose mine. Tear down others to raise yourself. Yes! Way to go, monkey man... And chimp woman... Because girls would pick on me too. Not probing for emotional vulnerability or to see if I'm date-able, just to hurt me more.
And what about "tests" involving physical violence? Do I still try and make my feeble jokes at them? That will end in a fight. (Others try with "Ha! I barely felt that!" and "You punch like a girl" but then they get beaten to a pulp until they can no longer will themselves to defiantly continue to talk back in an insolent manner.) When I was bullied in elementary school they didn't just make jokes at/about me. I was their punching bag. (My parents' brilliant solution to which was: Sign me up for Karate - lol, Yeah I got even more punches there. Not helpful.) I hate pain. Why would I willingly subject myself to those stupid pain-tolerance-increasing exercises!? Kyokushin (full contact karate) is stupid. Anyway. — I was never beaten to death by my bullies, not even severely injured. (I wish I was!) They just repetitively gave me small "test" punches and kicks. Pinches and pokes. To see what it takes to make me cry (not much), run (even less), or tell on them. (A lot, because I had integrity and pride, hurt as it was.) But when I did tell on them, I had no proof of the abuse as they were careful not to beat me enough to draw blood. There was no torn skin, not even bruises. Except for the bruises on my ego. And the tears on my cheek. Children are cruel little animals. Nice video, thanks. Very informative.

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