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My dream phone (Re: Comment on youtube)

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:44 am
by 3ICE
No, I also want windows 7 desktop experience on my PHONE. That's even smaller form factor than a tablet, even "dumber attitude" as you say. But I want it. And I'd pay for it. So there's at least two of us. Meaning there's demand for this. It'd be so awesome. That's why I bought into Windows Phone 10 originally. (That was a mistake.) They never did bring desktop experience to phones. Only remote desktop but that required a PC, and LAN, not available over over mobile internet. This tablet device bridges that gap nicely. Small PC. Except no sim card so no phone calls. Oh well. Some other technology. Today there exist several Phablet devices (phone + tablet) that do exactly what I want. Windows 10 DESKTOP, in phone form factor. With texting and cellular internet. All I need now is stylus, no not the surface pen + dial combo, that's way overpriced. And needs battery — charging. I guess what I really want is an old resistive (as opposed to capacitive) touch screen that I can press with any old plastic stick. My favorite phone ever was the HTC TyTN II — Ran (full desktop experience moddable) Windows Phone 6, and had a plastic stick exactly how I want it. Plus, full physical qwerty keyboard.