Windows Update no longer deletes your files/Library contents

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Windows Update no longer deletes your files/Library contents

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Quick Access / Libraries... Such an underused feature. It's great (except when an update comes along and wipes it all)

This wasn't just an old vs new issue. I actively, concurrently use, several library folders. My downloads for example, are in five places (Firefox, BitTorrent, Chrome, other apps)
Music: I include video game music from every game (steamapp folder, stuff in program files, x86,
Pictures: Every damn game puts its screenshots elsewhere. Minecraft is the worst, each modpack and each launcher has its own screenshots location. I also play java, pocket, win10, and native editions. Some games (e.g. Hearthstone) even throw them on my desktop, (can't do much about that unfortunately)
All this would have been deleted... Even damage my installed programs because of the music library thing.

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