Does disliking a video "hurt" a channel?

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Does disliking a video "hurt" a channel?

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Comment originally left on a slightly more disliked than liked sponsored Grubby video.

Some people assume a dislike hurts a channel as a whole, because a more simple algorithm would think exactly that way; Lots of likes on a video → must be a good channel overall → recommend its newest videos to everyone immediately. And also put other videos from it as #1 search result for all relevant hashtags and searches. On the other hand; Too many dislikes → so then it must be a bad channel, right? → let's hide it from search results. Google Page Rank era is over though. This logic would also make it so people searching for "warcraft 3" videos will not see Grubby there unless they went to page 2 or 3. This was just one theory though. Let's look at two more: — Other people assume a dislike is almost as beneficial as a like, because it still counts as viewer interaction, and any and all interaction is always good for a channel. Just like how bad press is still beneficial as publicity/exposure for a brand's image sometimes. Again, just a random theory I saw somewhere. — I personally believe neither of these theories is true. The AI that runs YouTube is a black box, impossible to understand by definition/design, especially because it just constantly changes itself, "evolves". The best you can do is collect anecdotal evidence and guesstimate how the Recommendation Engine worked last week. Possible inputs: Views, like/dislike ratio, attention retention, ad skip behavior, ad money earned, subscriber loyalty, incoming off-site links' page rank, same for embeds, possible tag spam, ad buys, 1000*(% of viewership paying for YT*Red*), comments quality, mood, and quantity, score of other videos by the same user, and viewer "emotion" overall. All of them get weighted, combined and weighted again, then combined in other ways and weighted again. Each time the algorithm evolves, the various weights change, and possibly even the considered potential combinations get flipped around. Output is a single score, by which all videos are sorted. If a dislike has a negative weight this week, then many dislikes does indeed hurt a channel or one video. The best algorithm is the one that makes the most ad money. Oh yeah, hundreds of AIs are competing at once, and they even have children AIs with each other; only the most successful are allowed to reproduce. Machine learning in a nutshell.

Previous comments were:
"my downvote isn't against you grubby, but against EA"
"that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard, you’re not hurting EA you’re hurting grubby. Not a true fan"
"How is he hurting Grubby? He already got payed for this sponsorship."
"""my big comment above"""

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