The only discussion I had on Google+ is worthwhile enough to save (republish)

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The only discussion I had on Google+ is worthwhile enough to save (republish)

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Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-16T18:55:16
Oh how I want something like this screen setup...
Dell Precision T1700 Mini Tower workstation with four Dell U2413 Ultrasharp monitors
Shared privately with: Berezvai Viktor, Daniel Berezvai

Berezvai Viktor - 2013-05-16T19:02:58
your neck would get hurt after a while, believe me, the one you have is perfect,
a newer ''full HD'' will always become available.... :( :) :D

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-16T19:08:20
I wouldn't use the top two screens for watching videos. I'd only use one of the four for that.
The borders in between screens would be far too distracting...
One screen, probably the bottom left will be my "full screen", the other 3 will just hold extra windows I don't need right now.

Berezvai Viktor - 2013-05-16T19:29:13
who cares? heres the link, you asked for. BLOOPERS: How Animals Eat Their Food!

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-16T19:38:23
Fuck you, I care! Thanks for the link :)

Berezvai Viktor - 2013-05-16T19:50:48
Oh, i cannot recognize you talking like this... :( You almost made me cry. :D
BTW, you have a lot of money, so why do you keep collecting and saving?
spend a fortune, and use your money, otherwise our economy might go bad.. :)

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-16T20:03:08
I'm kinda low on money, actually.
I have a quarter million HUF only.

Berezvai Viktor - 2013-05-16T21:05:45
only........... :D :) :)
Imagine that u will live no longer. And you would have had many experiences out of that money, you did not spent...
Carpe diem or idk

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-17T00:57:12
I care more about my legacy, the memories I leave in other human beings, the memories I have a chance to be remembered for:
The games I make, the helpful tutorials I write, the contributions to the internet I make.
Spending money on so-called "experiences" is only secondary.
If I die, all the things I cared about in life will cease to matter. To anyone.
• Nobody will maintain my Warcraft 3 clan.
• Nobody will pay for my website to stay online any longer, let alone moderate the forum or answer the new posts.
• Nobody will maintain my blog, answer comments, ban spammers, and fix the spelling mistakes in other people's comments.
• Nobody will do the things on my ToDo list or sort out the 8 GB worth of things I have piled up in my ToDo folder.
• Nobody will submit the bug reports I planned to submit to Microsoft, to Google, and even to smaller companies.
• Nobody will play with my steam games because my password is not resettable and is 64 characters long.
• Nobody will answer and archive the emails I will no doubt continue to get after death. They will just continue piling up in my inbox until the email account is deactivated.
• Nobody will be able to even log in to my laptop and check if I had anything important going on. Unless someone is man enough to cut off a finger from my dead body, thaw it and soak it in lukewarm water, then swipe it on the fingerprint reader…
These are all rather uncomfortable thoughts. Nevertheless, these are the thoughts that keep my will to stay alive strong. Stronger than ever, in fact…

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-17T00:58:52
Wow, I feel like publishing this now... Let's see what others think: ... T3sFlRi4IJ Edit: Dead link now, of course... They deleted the group named “google-plus-discuss”.

Berezvai Viktor - 2013-05-18T12:54:46
I read you topic about sharing, but I don't think there is a solution for that. You could solve it writing a drama-like post, where you indicate who is saying what. e.g:
,,Yesterday I talked to my bro and it turned out to be very interesting, so I want to share it with the word:
Daniel B.: Heuréka, Heuréka! I programmed a self-improving program and it's amazing.
Viktor B.: Oh I was waiting for it in my whole life..! :) Tell me more about it.
Daniel B.: Let me explain...
So that was it, what do you think guys?''
This way it would be acceptable, to share it I think.
On the other hand, about what you said, I was wondering about you having a fear of death. Maybe you are right, you don't need to spend your money, but then if you buy something leave daddy out of it. Ever since I worked through the last summer, I try not to ask for as much money as I used to, and spend mine as long as I have some, so that I'll learn how to get along with money. And my plan was successful, because I realized many faults and mistakes I made. This way I'll be a conscious consumer, and won't buy turd.
This thought you explained, to stay alive in others' memories after death is a normal way of thinking. Only some don't feel like that.
But if you really want to be remembered, then play only if necessary or when after you worked a lot and feel like you deserve some fun. Otherwise you will spend too much time doing nothing...
All right I'll just stop right here. I hope you can understand my words well, but I make way to much mistakes. Be happy and don't care about what others say. That's all. And be generous, because you are a bit too selfish. We don't live in danger, so there isn't anymore need to be selfish. It was only necessary during wars...
Yes it is indeed a wall of text, but I need space to explain my thoughts.
Nájsz víkend!

Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai - 2013-05-18T15:05:43
I don't think I fear death. When I cross the street while cars are coming from both directions, I just calmly wonder inside myself about what it'd feel like to get hit by one. Which is a rather morbid sense of curiosity if you ask me...
I'd definitely feel sorrier for the driver than myself. He has to live on with the knowledge of having just killed someone, while I'm simply freed from the burden of my sentient existence. (Don't murder me though! I'd rather live on a wee bit longer than be "freed" right now.)
I'm a money centered person so I think I'll continue to take advantage of the monetary help our father offers. If I buy groceries or accrue dental bills, why would I pay for them when someone else with more money than me is willing to take the burden off my shoulders?
Actually I care more about enjoying myself than leaving my so called "mark on society". I believe my life is pointless, so I just enjoy it while it lasts. I'd spend all my time doing frivolous things, if I could. But alas, it is time to do my homework now! Exam season is a bitch.

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