Optifine sucks for two reasons: No Hitboxes + No coordinates

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Optifine sucks for two reasons: No Hitboxes + No coordinates

Unread post by 3ICE »

After installing OptiFine, some problems arose:

F3 + H does nothing. Hitboxes are very important to me. (Chunk boundaries' rendering is also disabled.)

Coordinates from the F3 menu get overwritten with useless info (Optifine's version number)
My home base is at 0, 0. How am I supposed to find my way back, after exploring 23 biomes?

OptiFine does have a "show less information in the F3 menu" option, but one would think...
That arguably the most important info (coordinates) would NOT get removed by this.
Well, apparently it does. Shame.

Also one could disable advanced rendering, which probably broke hitboxes,
but then where is the performance optimization coming from?

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