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Big pictures.

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The aim of this is to find the biggest picture in the history of pictures.
I've found this one: ... rotSet.png
It's 9600 × 6400 (61440000 pixels)
It's a picture of one of those thingymabobs that I forgot the name of (3ICE might like it because I remember they are something to do with maths)
EDIT: It's a Fractal.

The next post has to try and find a picture with even more pixels!

Don't post the image in [ IMG ] tags.
Don't use any photo editing software on the image.

I just found a bigger picture. Taken by NASA. ... 0.250m.jpg
7600 x 10000 (76000000 pixels)
Lol there's an outline of a tiny island near the center of the hurricane.
NASA must have an insane camera.

Okay, I think wikipedia just ruined this game. ... _the_world
a 27.5 GB picture... -.-

Okay uhh new game... just post some awesome big pics.

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