3ICE's famous, patented "idiot test"

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3ICE's famous, patented "idiot test"

Unread post by 3ICE »

[17:34:33.562] <3ICE> How did the game go?
[17:34:49.921] <TheTDMasta[TD]> my teammates wouldnt say 1 word
[17:34:51.343] <TheTDMasta[TD]> or help me
[17:34:54.687] <3ICE> That happens a lot...
[17:34:59.421] <3ICE> As a host, it is your responsibility to use my famous, patented "idiot test".
[17:35:03.953] <3ICE> I always test my players.
[17:35:08.203] <3ICE> Ask them a simple question in English.
[17:35:12.187] <3ICE> If they don't respond in 10 seconds --> kick
[17:35:15.812] <3ICE> If they come back they get another chance, but if they fail again --> ban
[17:35:28.250] <TheTDMasta[TD]> lol

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