How to post links. (Because phpBB default links suck!)

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How to post links. (Because phpBB default links suck!)

Unread post by 3ICE »

[22:26:20.224] <EqualiseR>
[22:27:57.296] <3ICE> ugly link
[22:28:00.406] <EqualiseR> ?
[22:28:19.906] <3ICE>
[22:28:28.031] <3ICE>
[22:28:30.937] <EqualiseR> lol
[22:28:33.328] <3ICE> which one would you click
[22:28:36.125] <3ICE> i'd click the first
[22:28:39.515] <EqualiseR> Well
[22:28:42.328] <3ICE> they are essentially the same
[22:28:44.156] <EqualiseR> if i had an option to 'click' it
[22:28:46.296] <3ICE> get a bot :)
[22:28:47.312] <EqualiseR> i would click either
[22:28:49.718] <EqualiseR> if i had to type one,
[22:28:52.593] <EqualiseR> i would pick the first
[22:28:59.281] <3ICE> so post nice links
[22:29:04.828] <3ICE> not those ugly long ones
[22:29:06.703] <EqualiseR> Where'd you get that link?
[22:29:07.078] <EqualiseR> lol
[22:29:12.015] <3ICE> I edited yours
[22:29:14.015] <EqualiseR> ah
[22:29:19.000] <3ICE> you know about url parameters
[22:29:20.812] <EqualiseR> yea
[22:29:28.156] <3ICE> I removed f=15 (f means forum)
[22:29:34.031] <3ICE> I removed p=3560 (p means post)
[22:29:42.453] <EqualiseR> i didnt notice the '656' part of mine
[22:29:44.421] <3ICE> I removed #p3560 (#p means jump to post)
[22:29:46.281] <EqualiseR> thats why i was asking where you got it
[22:29:55.187] <3ICE> only important parameter is t
[22:29:58.578] <3ICE> stands for topic
[22:30:29.122] <3ICE> Ugliest link I could make it spew out:
[22:30:30.003] <3ICE>
[22:30:40.654] <3ICE> Even better worse:
[22:30:31.137] <3ICE>
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