Most. Rigged. Game. Ever!

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Most. Rigged. Game. Ever!

Unread post by 3ICE »

[23:19:10.765] -- SHiNNiNG_FaiTH has left the channel.
[23:21:28.578] -- SHiNNiNG_FaiTH [62ms] has joined the channel using Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Level: 0, icon tier Random, peon icon, in Clan 3ICE)
[23:21:29.593] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> most
[23:21:30.390] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> rigged
[23:21:30.843] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> game
[23:21:32.656] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> ever
[23:21:36.593] <Killermanyak> Not most
[23:21:44.296] <Killermanyak> there were more rigged ive played
[23:21:48.687] <Killermanyak> like kind were
[23:21:52.953] <Killermanyak> impossible to die
[23:21:56.406] <Killermanyak> my chars can die
[23:21:59.203] <Killermanyak> if u use
[23:22:00.734] <Killermanyak> the
[23:22:03.953] <Killermanyak> bersker mode
[23:22:09.968] <Killermanyak> it tansforms the chars
[23:22:14.281] <Killermanyak> into achelmist
[23:22:18.453] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> rofl
[23:22:19.390] <Killermanyak> weakish to
[23:22:21.125] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> that game was rigged
[23:22:24.468] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> it was rigged as it was
[23:22:25.296] <3ICE> Do we need to know this?
[23:22:30.921] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> not at all
[23:22:31.093] <3ICE> Rigged games have no place here
[23:22:36.781] <3ICE> GTFO rigged games!
[23:22:36.937] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> exactly
[23:22:37.640] <SHiNNiNG_FaiTH> x.x
[23:22:46.765] <3ICE> WB balanced games
[23:23:05.062] <Killermanyak> >< but i like my penguins
[23:23:07.328] <Killermanyak> xD

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