Get an alert script

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Get an alert script

Unread post by 3ICE »

[19:39:06.906] <3ICE> wow i am done already
[19:39:14.484] <3ICE> when did i begin the test?
[19:39:34.578] <3ICE[Bot]> You began the test at 18:59:07
[19:39:46.750] <3ICE> Wow, 40 minutes instead of 5 hours.
[19:39:51.640] <3ICE> Damn I'm good
[19:40:00.921] <3ICE> .SHiNNiNG_FaiTH
[19:40:05.375] <3ICE> get an alert script yo
[19:40:09.194] <3ICE> (Like my .3ICE command.)
[19:40:49.687] <3ICE> WoNK-wOnk: allowmp3
[19:40:50.156] <WoNK-wOnk> Allowing MP3 commands.
[19:40:51.843] <3ICE> WoNK-wOnk: next
[19:40:52.500] <WoNK-wOnk> Winamp is not loaded.
[19:41:02.406] <3ICE> WoNK-wOnk: loadwinamp
[19:41:02.750] <WoNK-wOnk> There was an error loading Winamp.
[19:41:04.671] <3ICE> aww
[19:41:19.140] <3ICE> (yeah, i use the built in winamp commands for my alert script)
[19:41:40.187] <3ICE> WoNK-wOnk: allowmp3
[19:41:40.687] <WoNK-wOnk> MP3 commands are now disabled.

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