myheritage? Dox yourself! [Account deletion instructions]

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myheritage? Dox yourself! [Account deletion instructions]

New postby 3ICE on Mon May 08, 2017 3:35 am

A helpful family member fell for the myheritage scam and made me an account. Yes, in my name. Oh, great... Welp, time to delete it. Except...

Quote original instructions from accountkiller: "Be logged in on the site. Top right: hold the mouse pointer over your name. In the popup menu, click Account Settings. Scroll down and click 'Delete my account'. Easy come, easy go!"

Yeah, yeah... Easy. Except it asks for a password so it isn't that easy... Especially since I never registered for an account yet I have one (automatically?) created for me. Can't guess a password I did not set myself. Thankfully it lets us reset our passwords so I did manage it in the end...

They should really send a confirmation link to the email address, before allowing account creation in someone else's name. (The disguised invitation they do send is akin to phishing.)

Edit: Proof that it's a scam: It lets people create accounts in anyone's name. Like how one was made for me without my permission. That's a big no-no in security 101.
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