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Re: Bot setup

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That's how I was able to tell your config was from an old version. You only had 3 of those lines, while I have all 6.

But again, I don't think it matters. The configs are very likely backwards compatible.

Good point there with the inability to host. Ghost++ can only host if you yourself can host manually in Warcraft 3. So try and see if you can. If you can't, then follow the tutorial at first.

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Re: Bot setup

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Ah, I've tried the first method quite a few times without success, I haven't seen the other method before even though I've spent alt of time searching the interwebs. I shall try it when I get home, fingers crossed that it works.

Edit: The second method is the exact same as the first, and I need the router as I have a wireless connection, therefore I need it.
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