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Forum Improvements

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:08 am
by 3ICE

• RSS! I wrote an RSS feed builder script in php, which is not quite implemented on the site, but if you like RSS... The aggregator is located at and takes one argument. (The argument is the f= from the forum's URL.) List of all valid links (Took me a while...):
News rss.php?f=3" onclick=";return false;
World Editor rss.php?f=6" onclick=";return false;
World Editor - HELP rss.php?f=14" onclick=";return false;
World Editor - Tutorials rss.php?f=18" onclick=";return false;
World Editor - Map Valut rss.php?f=7" onclick=";return false; rss.php?f=19" onclick=";return false; - HELP rss.php?f=24" onclick=";return false; - HELP - Warcraft rss.php?f=20" onclick=";return false; - HELP - Starcraft rss.php?f=21" onclick=";return false; - HELP - Diablo rss.php?f=22" onclick=";return false; - HELP - World of Warcraft rss.php?f=23" onclick=";return false; - HELP - Bots rss.php?f=32" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS rss.php?f=25" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS - rss.php?f=26" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS - rss.php?f=27" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS - rss.php?f=28" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS - rss.php?f=29" onclick=";return false; - TUTORIALS - rss.php?f=31" onclick=";return false;
Off Topic rss.php?f=15" onclick=";return false;
Programming rss.php?f=33" onclick=";return false;
Applications and Games rss.php?f=34" onclick=";return false;
Applications and Games - Settlers 6 rss.php?f=35" onclick=";return false;
GUESTS! rss.php?f=30" onclick=";return false; (Special, hidden forum. You can only see it when you are logged out)
Popular online RSS tools are Google Reader and (Recently acquired by Google).
• Clicking the "BBCode is ON" link will no longer navigate you away from your post. Now it opens in a Popup window.
• The forum is at a new address, which frees so I can put a static html page there (soon).
• Redirects are faster, instead of waiting 3 seconds they will only wait 1 sec.
• Keyword and Description meta-tags were added to the header.
• The Vote button has been removed, but expect it to come back soon!
• You can now vote at two places: xtremetop100 and topgamesites. Xtremetop100 is the more important one. (
• New PMs and topics are now highlighted in a deeper tone of blue.
• The <title> is reversed. 3ICE.HU used to be in the front, now it is at the back.
• A favicon was added (Image) I'm working on an animated one...
• Site logo added
• Search box is always displayed.
• All e-mail messages sent by the board were revised. They will all begin with "3ICE.HU - " and will be a lot shorter than the default one. (But with a bigger signature.) It took me half day to revise all those e-mail templates...
Oh and while we are at it... Please Subscribe to all forums and topics! It is a cool feature - you get an email every time someone posts something. (So you never miss anything) (So you never come here to see there have been no new posts)
• U: lets you make Tiny URLs but even shorter than :) Intended mostly for self-use, and hope that spammers don't find it :)
Clicking links will open in a new window (Or tab, if you were clever enough to set it up)

Now lets see what other changes are planned in the future!

• FAQ: Yep not forgotten. I already downloaded the ask_rave source code, but didn't work with it yet though. Maybe later.
• DL: A place for downloads... It only has 3 files, but I plan to have a collection of essential tools, nicely ordered and categorized. It will have detailed file info, off-site links, 100% uptime, fast speed.
• MAP: A small place for my maps, but first I will have to finish them :P (Will also allow you to upload your maps too of course)
• TUTORIAL: A php-driven, content-theft proof, AD-supported portal for many-many tutorials. Some features of it are already done: 4 tutorials, md5_hash() function, one AD unit with a very cool Hide Ad button (Idea stolen from, hope he doesn't mind), Google Chat for instant help (still working on it)
• PROGRAMMING: Eventually, I will have some of my programs finished :) My ultimate goal is to finish my remote tech support client-server based C#.NET app.
• BLOG: Maybe...
• A cat-portal featuring my kittens (6 new guys were born yesterdayImage)
• TOOL: A collection of online tools, so far I have nothing, but an md5 hash generator and verifier.

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:57 pm
by 3ICE
You can now upload your maps to the site, thanks for the error report, I_H8_U_M8.
Accepted extensions: w3x, w3m and w3n (For campaigns)

Fixed" onclick=";return false; to properly convert TAG to lowercase.

Changed forum signature.

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:32 am
by 3ICE
Changed Downloads url from to for better Search Engine Optimization (It will still point to but only for the next week) (If someone searches Google for "Download 3ICE's Sliding System", the word "download" will be in the url too, ensuring the top result being the official dl place not a mirror)

Compressed the Forum's CSS code for faster load time (Still testing) Please report here if anything looks weird or different.
EDIT: It didn't work out, so I undid the CSS changes.

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:40 pm
by I_H8_U_M8
3Ice for thego atthe side of every latest post it shou show where it is ostied in for example at indem wordedit go and topic name beside it because there is nopoint in using the go if u on't kwwhere r u going... :| ;)
--> go mazedesiger/help <-- for example

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:55 pm
by 3ICE
You should read your posts again before submitting, or everyone else will have to read them 5 times before they can understand.
"thego" "atthe" "shou" "ostied" "indem" "wordedit" "nopoint" "on't" "kwwhere" are all easy-to-fix typos, no grammar needed, just a working space bar and typing a bit slower.

EDIT: Finished. Tell me if you see anything weird.
EDIT2: It looks cool. I see no problems.
If you hover your mouse over a title you can see the entire title.
(Some topic titles are too long so I made them display a snippet instead of messing up the tables with their width)

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:59 am
by 3ICE
Currently rewriting language files from enGB to enUS (Replacing colour with color and-the-like)
I'm going to bed now so only finishing it tomorrow.

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:11 pm
by I_H8_U_M8
sorry about that I was having trouble with my old keyboard
also I had to go.
Anyways thanks for doing that now I Will acualy use the go thing now ;p; :mrgreen:
You Should make a ranking System To Show How Much the person puts toward this web page and something to tell if what the person says is often usefull
Last On the Ledgened Y do u Put Mods
There Are No Mods So whats The point of it?

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:26 pm
by 3ICE
Postcount is there for that :)

Also planning:
- you will be able to warn each other. (Making it right now, will be done soon)
- 5-star-based rating of users, threads, forums and posts.
- custom ranks.
- +rep and -rep user.
- etc

I_H8_U_M8 wrote:Last On the Ledgened Y do u Put Mods
There Are No Mods So whats The point of it?
Please start making sense! I am unable to comprehend.

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:20 pm
by I_H8_U_M8
How do you not get that In the Board index at the bottom there is a legend that says Admin,mods,users why have mods? there r none

Re: Forum Improvements

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:39 pm
by 3ICE
Well first of all, there will be mods (later).
Second, in my mind Mod meant modification. I was installing mods the moment I replied to your post, so my mind was filled with modding stuff, I automatically thought you meant modification.
Third I knew you meant to write legend, but I thought you meant legend legend. (as heroic action)

So my point: Mods are there for forward compatibility. (No use removing something that I will have to re-add later)