*NEW* Trigger Parser

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*NEW* Trigger Parser

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After a whole day of work, I proudly present my own trigger parser written in PHP:

Usage: Visit http://trigger.3ice.hu/
It is a work in progress, public beta. Feedback is welcome.

Add icon to ability comparisons that don't start with a parenthesis. (eg "Acid Bomb is equal to (Ability being cast)" (This is a rare condition, but fixing it will be a lot of work)
Save trigger name in the database
&mode=raw outputs the trigger without icons
Javascripted button for switching between &mode=raw and &mode=normal
Remove newlines from source
Delete /Update buttons (Will require a unique password that'll be emailed to you [optional])
Return a "No such ID" error if someone tries to request a deleted trigger (Or passes an invalid attribute to the script)
New bbcode that behaves like the [iframe} tag (maybe)
Browse triggers

* Right click on a trigger name
* Select Copy As Text
* Switch to firefox
* Paste into textbox
* Fill in author field
* Copy bbcode
* Post the trigger

Decorate the result page:
* Automatically select iframe code (onclick="javascript:this.Select()")
* Add more possibilities (eg link2page, 100% wide iframe, smallbox)
* Display trigger author in a corner
* Output the trigger not just the code

Fix IE bugs:
* I wish everyone would just use Firefox...
* Remove the default 30px padding from IE's iframe.
* Find more bugs in IE...

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