Site statistics for JULY. Good News!

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Site statistics for JULY. Good News!

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Have you bookmarked my site yet?
If yes, please update the bookmark to point to

Code: Select all
This way we get more OUT points on the topsite. (Only change, if you bookmarked the index page and not a specific forum or topic!)
If no, well it's time to do it! Bookmarks are awesome. I have over 300 bookmarks in my browser, all neatly categorized into folders subfolders and subsubfolders.(And I even have some subsubsubfolders for My webhost's SQL query result feeds for easier monitoring)
So bookmark my site, then change the bookmark's properties to point to" onclick=";return false;
By the way, 901 out of the 3292 Visitors bookmarked the site in July. That is 27% of them.

Some statistics from JULY:
We have had 3292 new unique visitors last month, which is nice.
There have been 192615 hits on the site, which is more than awesome. (Thats 58.5 hits/visitor average)
The bandwidth we used up is just a little bit under 1 gigabyte (979.56MB web and 19.97MB FTP traffic = 999.53 MB bandwidth total)
This is an incredible growth rate by the way. To be exact, we are growing at a rate of 221.8%
Most visitors are from the USA, second most Australia and third most from China. We also had a lot of visitors from Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Latvia, Canada and Chile. (Ordered by number of visitors)
GoogleBot visited us 801 times, Yahoo 410 and MSNBot 400 times.
Sadly, we still get a lot of IE visitors. People just don't realize how bad IE is... So last week I have implemented an effective trap for them :) From now on, the average IE user can't get past the index page at" onclick=";return false; and in theory, this stops all IE users, because all pros use Firefox!
To all Opera and Netscape users out there, I am sorry if the site has any visual glitches or errors, I only test my stuff in Firefox and in IE and this will most likely not change.
We were also heavily spammed by bots. A total of 5797 attempts were made at breaking through the defense. The bots are probably outdated, because they tried to access" onclick=";return false; which is a page that does not even exist and never has :) So no spam got through.
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