The great draft takeover!

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The great draft takeover!

Unread post by 3ICE »

Do you have any unposted drafts?

I have found 11 drafts hanging in limbo (SQL://3icehu/db/forum/drafts), never seeing the light of day since 2008. I took it upon myself to release them now, as they are. People probably just hit the save button instead of the post button.

List of drafts released:
Re: Need help on first TD @ 2008/08/17 05:47:41 by Torin(187)
Re: Reason for new maze Desgner @ 2010/01/17 01:38:12 by NoahDaPwner(752)
Re: Reason for new maze Desgner @ 2010/01/19 19:48:08 by NoahDaPwner(752)
Re: Need help importing 'abilitydata.slk' @ 2010/07/18 04:37:36 by Carlos(801)
Re: help with computer force @ 2011/02/05 18:04:30 by OxyContin(914)
Re: Not sure why my trigger doesn't work anymore @ 2011/07/10 17:51:04 by LastChance(953)

New threads:
2009 Maze [1.06] @ 2009/03/14 16:40:27 by AvtoRiteT(693)
Model Scaling @ 2010/10/23 22:23:30 by tim182(822)
Compile Errors when Replacing Models (Import) @ 2013/03/12 21:58:59 by CSpoTRuN(988)

Orphan threads:
Python @ 2012/05/15 08:23:41 by Darktiger138(982)
Skype @ 2013/04/03 00:04:15 by Nuby(931)


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[url=]The great draft takeover![/url] Originally drafted on __DATE__ by __NAME__([url=]__ID__[/url]) Never posted. Until now. :)

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Re: The great draft takeover!

Unread post by DieKralle »

Nice job 3ICE ;)
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