RuneScape convenient death mechanic (reclaim items) is "idiot tax" money sink

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RuneScape convenient death mechanic (reclaim items) is "idiot tax" money sink

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A maxed player dies over and over to a new boss, until she almost runs out of money:

Why reclaim items? So many times -1M... Was that 40M paid out in idiot tax this episode or did the death mechanic change again? (I can totally imagine Jagex turning reclaim into a mandatory gold sink.) Teleporting back to the boss takes less than a minute so why pay millions after each death just to reclaim items a minute sooner? Whenever I die I'd simply walk back to my gravestone (if doable in under 5 minutes) and just loot my corpse. Also death keeps items safe for 24 hours, in case I miss the grave timer window I can still pay the fee (but usually sacrificing some of my loot makes it nearly free). Apologies if I'm uninformed, I've not experienced dying recently.

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