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Modded minecraft videos, 60 FPS at 2x speed

New postPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:36 am
by 3ICE
I for one am glad it's 720p. I watch EVERYTHING at 2x speed but my computer cannot handle 1080p@60fps@200% speed so every time I see 30 FPS video / 720p video, I'm happy. (2x speed makes it 60 FPS anyway) And my laptop screen is only 900p so 1080p would get slightly downscaled anyway. Thank you old school dire. Now produce some content for my external 4:3 screen. CRT lol. Modded minecraft needs beastly computer to run 1080p@60. Mine barely keeps above 30 (With 200 handpicked mods, not using Dire's pack but did grab most of the mods he has.)