uTorrent: Download speed throttling causes UI lag, client freezes

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uTorrent: Download speed throttling causes UI lag, client freezes

New postby 3ICE on Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:11 pm


My internet speed is 3 MB/s (25 Mbit/s)
If I try to limit uTorrent to 2500 kb/s so I can use 500 kb/s myself, strange behavior starts:
100% CPU usage (Seeing it as 28% on my quad core, which is 100% of one core and 3% of a second core which I guess uTorrent's other threads are using.)
The UI becomes unresponsive, updating at about 0.1 FPS instead of 60.
Torrents also seem to download much slower during this problem.
But uTorrent reports false speeds like 80 MB/s, when my internet is not even capable of such speeds.
Unplugging the net cable and waiting about 1 minute so the client can catch up will eventually fix the UI lag.
I don't like force killing the executable as that causes all my torrents to re-verify and then just stop (so I need to manually restart them all.)
Turning off download speed throttling will also avoid the problem but then I can't watch YouTube videos seamlessly.

Strangely, upload speed throttling is unaffected.
This issue started 2 or 3 versions ago.

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