SC2 Launcher: Add "Repair file associations" option

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SC2 Launcher: Add "Repair file associations" option

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With beta, release, PTR, drive failures, SSD purchases and "drive is full" errors, I moved my 20GB SC2 install around quite a few times.

C:\Program Files\StarCraft II 2012 Beta\ to G:\StarCraft II 2012 Beta\
Then to G:\StarCraft II\
Then to S:\Program Files\StarCraft II PTR\ and G:\StarCraft II\ at the same time.
Now, finally it's at C:\Program Files\StarCraft II\

Sometimes I moved it by way of a reinstall, sometimes via cut and paste or drive mirroring. And with the PTR I even ended up having it installed twice at separate locations.

During all these moves my file associations became fractured:
• The starcraft:// URL protocol handler was not updated since the move to S:\
• SC2Replays still look for the ancient StarCraft II.exe on G:\, even though we have been using Support\SC2Switcher.exe to launch the game (and replays) for years now.
• SC2Maps work fine, even their shell\open\command entry. Yet SC2Mods don't even have a working DefaultIcon after several reinstalls.
• Not to mention .galaxy, .SC2Camera, .SC2Components, .SC2Controls, .SC2Cutscene, .SC2Interface, .SC2Layout, .SC2Lib, .SC2Lighting, .SC2Prefs, .SC2Publish, .SC2Scene, .SC2Style, .SC2TestConfig and so on... They all needed manual updating in the registry, over the years. Some of them several times.

This is a mess. And repair does nothing. Same with complete reinstall.

Please add a "Repair file associations" option to all games.
Warcraft 3 had a third party tool made ( to fix a similar issue, hopefully sc2 needs no such loving care from the community. An official solution wold be welcome.

Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai

p.s.: All file associations on my system use backslashes ("C:\...\...\..."). StarCraft 2 uses forward slashes("C:/.../.../..."). What's up with that?

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