[Twitch.tv] VODs are slow to buffer, they pause every 10 seconds. This makes them unwatchable. Streams are fine.

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[Twitch.tv] VODs are slow to buffer, they pause every 10 seconds. This makes them unwatchable. Streams are fine.

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They deleted my support ticket back in 2013, so I'm reposting here, where they have no power.


480p and 720p archives, videos on demand, premium (paid) VODs, bookmarks, and highlights all have this issue. They buffer slower than they are played back. Which lead to long pauses while the video buffers.
Yet 1080p and 1080p+ live streams work fine. I can watch two 1080p+ streams side by side and not have any issues.

Pausing the video and walking away doesn't help much. After I return the next day, it still catches up very quickly and begins stuttering again after 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted playback. The 30 minute segments the videos are cut up into behind the scenes seem to prevent longer buffers. Watching an 8 hours long VOD would therefore take 16 days.

Location: Hungary, Central Europe
Internet speed: 30/10
ISP: T-Mobile (They also call themselves Telekom, T-Home and T-Online.)

Most of my favorite streamers stream while I'm at work or asleep, so I watch their VODs the next day. Or more accurately: I try to watch the VODs, then give up in frustration.

Streamers can charge fees to watch their VODs. I am happy to pay a few dollars per month in return for this subscription-only VOD service. Or would be, if the VODs actually worked reliably.

I understand that live streams are the primary focus at Twitch and VODs are merely an afterthought, but if I paid a subscription fee specifically to be able watch premium VODs on some channels, then I would expect them to work. Except they don't. They are insufferably bad. So what's the point of shelling out the subscription fee?

I would pay the full fee only to have VOD access, but my VOD playback experience is terrible at the moment.

If I paid a subscription fee and I am unable to comfortably watch what I paid for, then naturally I would want a refund.

Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai

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