Windows 10 fail

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Windows 10 fail

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Can no longer edit reminders in windows phone 10. It worked in 8... I made a simple typo and had to delete + recreate the entire reminder...

Also searching for "connect to admin session" was recognized as "connect to other men sex", which would freak out a homophobe. And now it is in my search history... And I can't delete it because I don't want to lose my thousands of other searches as collateral damage. Why can we only delete everything but not a single item at once. Where is selective history editing?

This feedback tool has a broken text box. The more I edit, the worse it becomes. Clicking out and back in positions my cursor randomly... Sometimes it appends new words inserted in the middle to the end instead. Other times it inserts words in the middle when I clearly clicked at the end and want to type there. A screenshot is available at my website:

Look at the underlined words; what the fuck is going on there? Multi word editing? Legit words fail the spell check?
Part of the UI is underlined in red for crying out loud!

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