adblock remove css rule/class without blocking it

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adblock remove css rule/class without blocking it

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I'm fighting body class="modal-open" which kills scrolling by applying overflow:hidden to the whole page.

Adblock styling filters are written like so:

Code: Select all

<domain.tld> + #$# + <CSS selector> + { <CSS style> }$#a{color:red}
I found this on StackOverflow wrote:Just avoid putting a space between the selector and the opening brace. Because it can give you some trouble.
Here is an example of a CSS rule that changes Twitter background:

Code: Select all$#body.logged-in{ background-color: #ffcc00 !important; }
If that's not working for you, here is another way to change an element's style:

Code: Select all blue !important)
Make sure not to use curly brackets.
I use uBlock Origin, and both answers work for me.

Here are two examples of the two potential style fixers I can use on the bad website:

Code: Select all !important)$#body.modal-open{ overflow:scroll !important; }
I chose to use the second one, actually.

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Re: adblock remove css rule/class without blocking it

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