In Windows Mail, two close buttons overlap (app and panel)

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In Windows Mail, two close buttons overlap (app and panel)

New postby 3ICE on Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:20 pm

Title says it all. Extra information and screenshot link below:

In the Feedback Hub app, I cannot attach my screenshot because it needs all my diagnostics set to full. I refuse to do that. Such extensive data-collecting makes hung, frozen, and dying apps crash much, much slower. I need my apps to crash fast (preferably immediately) so I can restart them sooner. Multiplayer games with a reconnect feature especially. I only have like 30 seconds to get back in if I don't want to lose the match I crashed out of.

You should really allow us to attach stuff without taking ALL our data. Just accept my screenshot! Also since screenshots are private, for Microsoft' eyes only, it's far better to post a link. So everyone can see the picture, you know? I made sure no private information is in it, what's wrong with showing attachments to every windows insider...

This feedback originally posted at my forum:

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