Some of my maps (58 items, I can barely list them all)

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Some of my maps (58 items, I can barely list them all)

New postby 3ICE on Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:00 pm

[18:59:18.703] <3ICE[GHost]> Yes, I have a lot of unreleased maps
[18:59:19.718] <3ICE> !\WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.9b.w3m
[18:59:23.687] <Onimaru> xD
[18:59:23.875] <3ICE> !\WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 4.w3m
[18:59:28.203] <3ICE> !\WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 5.w3m
[18:59:32.000] <3ICE> !\WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 6.w3m
[18:59:32.875] <Onimaru> Im assuming most of these are unreleased
[18:59:34.218] <shadowkittyz> I wanna play fastest map possible
[18:59:35.437] <shadowkittyz> xD
[18:59:36.046] <3ICE> !\WIP\FMP\Roc shell\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3m
[18:59:39.125] <3ICE> !\WIP\HellTD\3ICE's Hell TD v11.w3x
[18:59:42.875] <3ICE> !\WIP\HellTD\OldReleases\3ICE's Hell TD v10.w3m
[18:59:44.468] <FKfi3bz> v11?
[18:59:45.578] <FKfi3bz> :O

I should release the open source versions...

Liberation of Lordaeron V.2.29 RoCby3ICE.w3m
No\3ICE's Spell Defense v001.w3x
No\Big\3ICE's AoS.w3x
No\Big\3ICE's Hero Arena.w3x
No\Falling Chaos Minigame by 3ICE.w3m
No\Multiplayer Campaigns\3ICE's Multiplayer Human07.w3m
No\Multiplayer Campaigns\3ICE's Multiplayer NightElf07.w3m
No\Spinning\3ICE's Simple Spin System.w3m
No\Spinning\Wisp Spinning tutorial by 3ICE.w3m
Test\3ICE's Build Order Practice.w3x
Test\3ICE's Creep.w3m
Test\3ICE's Firelord system.w3x
Test\3ICE's GardenOfWar CompStomp.w3m
Test\3ICE's GetTriggerUnit is slower.w3x
Test\3ICE's JASS is better than GUI.w3x
Test\3ICE's Make AI Autocast Inner Fire.w3m
Test\3ICE's Periodically Enlarge Unit.w3m
Test\3ICE's Upgrade Multishot.w3x
Test\Glove Comparison by 3ICE.w3m
TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's EchoIsles.w3m
TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's PhantomGrove.w3m
TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TerenasStand.w3m
TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TurtleRock.w3m
TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TwistedMeadows.w3m
WIP\ClickWars\3ICE's Click Wars v10.0.w3x
WIP\ClickWars\Res\3ICE's Click Wars v3.5.w3m
WIP\ClickWars\Res\3ICE's Click Wars v3.5.w3x
WIP\FMP\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3m
WIP\FMP\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3x
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.3.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.6.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.7.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.9b.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 4.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 5.w3m
WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 6.w3m
WIP\FMP\Roc shell\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3m
WIP\HellTD\3ICE's Hell TD v11.w3x
WIP\HellTD\OldReleases\3ICE's Hell TD v10.w3m
WIP\HellTD\OldReleases\3ICE's Hell TD v7.3.w3m
WIP\MD\3ICE's Maze Designer v11.w3x
WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v1.09.w3m
WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v10.6.w3m
WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v3.7.w3m
WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v6.9.w3m
WIP\MD\Res\3ICE's Maze Designer v10.6.w3x
WIP\RS\3ICE's Realistic Skating (Maze).w3x
WIP\S\3ICE's Sliding System for RoC v3.w3m
WIP\S\Res\3ICE's Sliding System for RoC.w3m
WIP\zDropped\ForestWar\3ICE's Forest War 2.1.w3m
WIP\zDropped\MusicTD\3ICE's Music TD v2.w3x
WIP\zDropped\RKR\3ICE's RKR.w3m
WIP\zDropped\SplatterTD\3ICE's Splatter TD.w3x
MAZE\3ICE's small maze.w3m
Farmers vs Hunters 3ICE's.w3m
3ICE's WorldEditTestMap.w3m
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