My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

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My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

New postby Demolisher on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:13 pm

First of all I wanna say that im new to this webside.
This is my unfinished fast-moba map that is currently crap. I spent very little time on this map so don't expect much. Im working on more custom heroes, balance, items and new features. Any Help is appreciated. I use Game Ranger for wc3 with my current nickname: Demolisher
Sorry for my bad English.

shitty map.jpg
shitty map.jpg (274.35 KiB) Viewed 3694 times
Winter Offense Alpha~2.w3x
(155.88 KiB) Downloaded 261 times
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Reason: Fixed image, attached map
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Re: My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

New postby 3ICE on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:24 pm


3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's EchoIsles.w3m
Demolisher: holy shit
3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's PhantomGrove.w3m
ChAlLeNgEr: ;)
3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TerenasStand.w3m
Demolisher: its bot
3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TurtleRock.w3m
3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TwistedMeadows.w3m
3ICE: WIP\ClickWars\3ICE's Click Wars v10.0.w3x
3ICE: WIP\ClickWars\Res\3ICE's Click Wars v3.5.w3m
Demolisher: he shows the skills of his
Demolisher: bot
3ICE: WIP\ClickWars\Res\3ICE's Click Wars v3.5.w3x
3ICE: WIP\FMP\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3m
Demolisher: lel
3ICE: WIP\FMP\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3x
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.3.w3m
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.6.w3m
Demolisher: so.... will it stop or
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.7.w3m
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 3.9b.w3m
Demolisher: ok
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 4.w3m
Demolisher: 3ice
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 5.w3m
3ICE: WIP\FMP\OldReleases\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 6.w3m
ChAlLeNgEr: lollllllll
3ICE: WIP\FMP\Roc shell\3ICE's Fastest Map Possible 7.w3m
3ICE: WIP\HellTD\3ICE's Hell TD v11.w3x
3ICE: WIP\HellTD\OldReleases\3ICE's Hell TD v10.w3m
ChAlLeNgEr: sick
3ICE: WIP\HellTD\OldReleases\3ICE's Hell TD v7.3.w3m
3ICE: WIP\MD\3ICE's Maze Designer v11.w3x
3ICE: WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v1.09.w3m
3ICE: WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v10.6.w3m
Demolisher: ill appriciate if u wanna help me and ill put u in credits
3ICE: WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v3.7.w3m
3ICE: WIP\MD\OldReleases\3ICE's Maze Designer v6.9.w3m
ChAlLeNgEr: tahts awesome
3ICE: WIP\MD\Res\3ICE's Maze Designer v10.6.w3x
3ICE: WIP\RS\3ICE's Realistic Skating (Maze).w3x
Demolisher: ... if u are here..
3ICE: WIP\S\3ICE's Sliding System for RoC v3.w3m
3ICE: WIP\S\Res\3ICE's Sliding System for RoC.w3m
3ICE: WIP\S\Res\3ICEs_Sliding_System_for_Roc.w3m
3ICE: WIP\zDropped\ForestWar\3ICE's Forest War 2.1.w3m
3ICE: WIP\zDropped\MusicTD\3ICE's Music TD v2.w3x
Demolisher: cos im still noob in editing
3ICE: WIP\zDropped\RKR\3ICE's RKR.w3m
3ICE: WIP\zDropped\SplatterTD\3ICE's Splatter TD.w3x
3ICE: MAZE\3ICE's small maze.w3m
3ICE: Farmers vs Hunters 3ICE's.w3m
3ICE: 3ICE's WorldEditTestMap.w3m
3ICE: HeroWarsIcelandsv3.09.3ICE.w3m
3ICE: k
3ICE: i ca n talk again
Demolisher: 3ice/
3ICE: nice
Demolisher: ice?
Demolisher: :/
3ICE: ill help
Demolisher: iceiceice
3ICE: of course
<< mashins joined the room >>
Demolisher: god dmit
<< ChAlLeNgEr left the room >>
Demolisher: nvm
Demolisher: 5 am here
mashins: god dammit
mashins: nvm
Demolisher: my mom angry
mashins: 5am here too
3ICE: 5 am here also
Demolisher: nah just kidding 4:53 here xd xd
Demolisher: noob
Demolisher: 360 no scoped
Demolisher: anyway
3ICE: 720 noscoped
Demolisher: 3ice
3ICE: before backstab hit me
Demolisher: so ur here
3ICE: yes
Demolisher: shit wrong copy
3ICE: i have a forum
3ICE: and map vault
Demolisher: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3ICE: viewforum.php?f=7
Demolisher: so
3ICE: post unfinished maps there
Demolisher: if u wanna help me in map
3ICE: free help
3ICE: forever
Demolisher: ill put u in credits
3ICE: of course :)
Demolisher: ;O
Demolisher: wooot
<< ChAlLeNgEr joined the room >>
Demolisher: im lookinga tthe link now
Demolisher: it looks
Demolisher: 3complicated6me
3ICE: register
ChAlLeNgEr: i'd make a melee map... tehy so much easier lol
Demolisher: how do i even submit my shit
3ICE: then make thread
3ICE: for your map
Demolisher: k lemme register
Demolisher: ty
Demolisher: i knew adding u was the right cohice :) lol
ChAlLeNgEr: oh ur teaching him how to post map online
Demolisher: wait
Demolisher: waht if i
Demolisher: dont have
Demolisher: acc
ChAlLeNgEr: neither
3ICE: demolisher is a good name
mashins: you're fk'd m8
Demolisher: so
3ICE: put that, or leave it empty
Demolisher: if i dont have bnet
ChAlLeNgEr: ;')
Demolisher: i ignore that or
3ICE: yea
Demolisher: oh
Demolisher: k
Demolisher: ill just leave it
mashins: alright
mashins: lets
mashins: make a map
Demolisher: no clan aslwell '/
mashins: I've been making arenas for 5 years
Demolisher: i was in SC
3ICE: join mine :D
3ICE: Clan 3ICE
3ICE: 300 members
Demolisher: 'do spammers suck' lol
3ICE: yes they do
Demolisher: so thats secret question for anti bot or wat
3ICE: 333333
3ICE: indeed
<< mashins left the room >>
ChAlLeNgEr: wdf u guys talking bout
Demolisher: cos if i spam then i suck so no >___>
Demolisher: viewforum.php?f=7
Demolisher: see there challanga
Demolisher: we r talking bout dat boi
Demolisher: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ChAlLeNgEr: wtf
Demolisher: now going to email
3ICE: activated your account
Demolisher: to confirm it
ChAlLeNgEr: i like wtfing
3ICE: i cant
3ICE: my vv key is broken
3ICE: i can only vvtf
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhat
ChAlLeNgEr: sounds better anyways
Demolisher: lol
ChAlLeNgEr: vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvhat
Demolisher: 3ice whats ur favorite game? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ChAlLeNgEr: vvvv what
3ICE: alt119 is w
3ICE: nice
Demolisher: vv = w
Demolisher: his w key is broken
Demolisher: so he type x2 V
ChAlLeNgEr: ik
Demolisher: so it looks like W
3ICE: too much vvalking forvvard
ChAlLeNgEr: duh
3ICE: heh
Demolisher: RIGHT?
3ICE: my fav game is vvc3
Demolisher: D
Demolisher: XD
Demolisher: what game is
Demolisher: v v c 3
Demolisher: lol
Demolisher: noob
Demolisher: haha
Demolisher: just kidding
ChAlLeNgEr: ahah
3ICE: victory vertex complete three
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhat?
ChAlLeNgEr: y dont u guys just make melee maps
Demolisher: k i registered
ChAlLeNgEr: geeeez
3ICE: i did
3ICE: TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's EchoIsles.w3m TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's PhantomGrove.w3m TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TerenasStand.w3m TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TurtleRock.w3m TFTMelee2RoC\3ICE's TwistedMeadows.w3m
3ICE: all those are melee
ChAlLeNgEr: say vvhat?
ChAlLeNgEr: no u modified them
3ICE: Test\3ICE's GardenOfWar CompStomp.w3m
3ICE: also
ChAlLeNgEr: ik those maps
3ICE: yeah
ChAlLeNgEr: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ChAlLeNgEr: i mean make from scratch
3ICE: Test\3ICE's Build Order Practice.w3x
Demolisher: sooooooo how do ieven submit
3ICE: make topic
3ICE: posting.php?mode=post&f=7
Demolisher: where :D
Demolisher: o shit
ChAlLeNgEr: on the comp. DUHHHHHHHH
Demolisher: 'new topic'
Demolisher: at the end of the page right?
3ICE: yes
ChAlLeNgEr: yea
ChAlLeNgEr: :D
ChAlLeNgEr: 3ICE u confuse me with ur bot
Demolisher: so
Demolisher: i just type
Demolisher: text
Demolisher: thats it
3ICE: yes
Demolisher: lel
ChAlLeNgEr: put it into da 3D printer:D
ChAlLeNgEr: ur bo
Demolisher: what should i type ther
Demolisher: i have no idea
ChAlLeNgEr: bot*
Demolisher: XD
3ICE: map name
3ICE: features
3ICE: a picture
3ICE: vvhat the minimap looks like
Demolisher: A picture? o.O
3ICE: yea
Demolisher: oh
3ICE: you can attach infinite pictures
ChAlLeNgEr: oh
3ICE: screenshots are = 1000 vvords each
ChAlLeNgEr: 3ICE where r u from
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhat
Demolisher: oh
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhere
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhen
3ICE: The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes ..
ChAlLeNgEr: vvhy
3ICE: hungary
3ICE: vvhy
Demolisher: how do i
Demolisher: submit apictuer
ChAlLeNgEr: lol
3ICE: go dovvn and find attachments
ChAlLeNgEr: easty
3ICE: upload a couple
ChAlLeNgEr: u jus press submit
ChAlLeNgEr: duhhhhh
ChAlLeNgEr: (facepalm)
Demolisher: aah shiet
Demolisher: challanger
Demolisher: stfus
Demolisher: its nto taht easy
Demolisher: :(
3ICE: screenshot of attachments button
ChAlLeNgEr: :(
3ICE: find it easier
Demolisher: im trying tofigoure out here
Demolisher: wat
Demolisher: oh
ChAlLeNgEr: yea
ChAlLeNgEr: now u FINALLY GET it
ChAlLeNgEr: took ur time
Demolisher: ok
Demolisher: shut up <:(
Demolisher: >:(
ChAlLeNgEr: whats the s on the end of stfus
3ICE: shush
3ICE: i think
Demolisher: meh
3ICE: hem
Demolisher: i pressed 'add te fi;e'
Demolisher: and
ChAlLeNgEr: i thought it meant shut the fuck up
3ICE: it does
ChAlLeNgEr: file*
Demolisher: aand..
Demolisher: yea
ChAlLeNgEr: so illiterate
3ICE: vve knovv
3ICE: screenshots folder for vvc3 is easy to find
ChAlLeNgEr: yea
3ICE: its here: C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Screenshots\
ChAlLeNgEr: u jus search it
ChAlLeNgEr: exactly
ChAlLeNgEr: :D
Demolisher: i know how to f ind
Demolisher: but
Demolisher: ok nvm
3ICE: vve play your map
Demolisher: so pic of minimap
3ICE: so you can take pictures
3ICE: :D
ChAlLeNgEr: lets play
ChAlLeNgEr: doooooooooooooooood
ChAlLeNgEr: jus upload the map
ChAlLeNgEr: stupid comp. these days should jus have an option do do these stuff
3ICE: it does
3ICE: doesnt it?
ChAlLeNgEr: dont u just press upload and browse through till u got it
3ICE: exactly
ChAlLeNgEr: i have no idea XDDDDDDDDDDDD
3ICE: but that still takes effort
ChAlLeNgEr: presisely
3ICE: comps in the future vvill read our minds
3ICE: oh no
3ICE: you illiterate
3ICE: precisely
3ICE: sorry i had to make that epic comeback/retort
3ICE: ChAlLeNgEr: so illiterate
ChAlLeNgEr: *shakes head*
3ICE: snakes header
ChAlLeNgEr: waht
3ICE: taht
3ICE: shake.h
3ICE: gcc -o shake.h sake.exe
ChAlLeNgEr: is this ur bot
3ICE: no
ChAlLeNgEr: pretty smart 1
ChAlLeNgEr: oh lol
Demolisher: alright
Demolisher: i tink..
3ICE: sake.exe error -1: expected filename shake.exe
ChAlLeNgEr: tink
Demolisher: i think i submitted
ChAlLeNgEr: tink
Demolisher: m first post
3ICE: too drunk to execute
3ICE: executable
Demolisher: and error 404:
Demolisher: fuck my life
3ICE: nice
Demolisher: just kidding, its done
Demolisher: go check it out :P
3ICE: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888
Demolisher: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888
Demolisher: wow, that was fast
3ICE: but the map itself
3ICE: isnt therr
Demolisher: ?
3ICE: just the picture 2x times
Demolisher: how do i submit that shit
3ICE: :D
Demolisher: o shit
3ICE: from C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\
Demolisher: can i
Demolisher: fix that
Demolisher: or smth
3ICE: yep
3ICE: Edit button in the top right corner
Demolisher: edit
Demolisher: y
Demolisher: so
3ICE: vvelcome to the vvorld of forums
Demolisher: how do i
3ICE: haha
Demolisher: delite 1 pic
Demolisher: and put the map there
Demolisher: ;/
Demolisher: im new
Demolisher: >.,
Demolisher: >.<
3ICE: i deleted 1
Demolisher: i see
Demolisher: i deleted 1
Demolisher: ok nvm
Demolisher: u did
Demolisher: so
Demolisher: how do i put my map there
Demolisher: so othes can open it or smth
3ICE: look for the map file
3ICE: C:\Users\Daniel\Downloads\shitty map.jpg
3ICE: oops
3ICE: yeah i covnerted your pic to jpg
3ICE: png is too big
3ICE: for the internet
Demolisher: np
Demolisher: so
Demolisher: is it now good or? ;p
Demolisher: i have no idea
Demolisher: whats going on btw
<< Lord Iseenork joined the room >>
Demolisher: should i
3ICE: done
3ICE: it is novv attached
Demolisher: put my ma pthere
Lord Iseenork: map link?
3ICE: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888&p=4807#p4807
3ICE: cool you got thread ID 888 :)
3ICE: almsot as evil as the 666 grab
Demolisher: wat
3ICE: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=666
3ICE: (me)
3ICE: see at the end
3ICE: it says t=888
3ICE: you can change it to any number
3ICE: get a random thread
3ICE: (t=thread)
3ICE: from 1 to 888
3ICE: 888 being the nevvest thread, yours
Demolisher: oh
ChAlLeNgEr: illiterate
Demolisher: so
ChAlLeNgEr: download*
Demolisher: is it done
Demolisher: o.O
ChAlLeNgEr: demo HEHEHHE ur name is demo... demo start game
Demolisher: my submiton
Demolisher: ?
3ICE: i play vvc3 demo
3ICE: sometimes
ChAlLeNgEr: start game
3ICE: fun game
Demolisher: wat
Demolisher: no
Demolisher: i told u
Demolisher: i go2 bad
Demolisher: almsot 1 hour ago
3ICE: bad bed is bad
Demolisher: i just wanted tosubmit
ChAlLeNgEr: just so i can dowload map
Demolisher: u
Demolisher: have
Demolisher: map
ChAlLeNgEr: yes i do
ChAlLeNgEr: gg
3ICE: copypasterino
3ICE: map DL is at the bottom, here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888
Demolisher: my submition is
Demolisher: complete now
3ICE: shitty map.jpg (274.35 KiB) Viewed 10 times Winter Offense Alpha~2.w3x (155.88 KiB) Downloaded 1 time Last edited by 3ICE on 2015/01/03 05:19:58, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Fixed image, attached map
ChAlLeNgEr: dude wanna play melee map now?
3ICE: yes
Demolisher: so i can die in peace or
Demolisher: ^^
3ICE: dont die yet
Demolisher: k
Demolisher: dont worry
3ICE: vve make the map 5/5 stars first
Demolisher: i just go tosleep now
3ICE: then you can die
ChAlLeNgEr: im gonna keep refreshing so it says veiwed 10000000000000000000 times XDDDDDDDDDD
3ICE: k
Demolisher: ^^
Demolisher: yay
Lord Iseenork: go
Demolisher: im happy
3ICE: vvhile you are at it
Demolisher: i found u
Demolisher: inmy li...
Demolisher: nah thats gay
3ICE: ahahh
Demolisher: where
Demolisher: where is add
Demolisher: oh
Demolisher: ill click them all
Demolisher: wait
Demolisher: I HAVE
3ICE: nice
3ICE: i have better
ChAlLeNgEr: like ur brain
<< ChAlLeNgEr left the room >>
<< ChAlLeNgEr joined the room >>
3ICE: vvelcome back
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Re: My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

New postby 3ICE on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:30 pm

How on earth...

404    /images/attach_file.png    viewtopic.php?f=7&p=4808    static    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.99 Safari/537.36    2015-01-19 15:50:24

...from my error log today.

Edit: Columns are: "TYPE    URL    REF    IP    NOTE    AGENT    DATE" in case you were wondering what something meant.
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Re: My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

New postby 3ICE on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:35 pm

Oh, I figured it out... It's in the chat log I posted above:
3ICEDemolisher: oh
3ICE: ... h_file.png
I'll go and nolinks (" Do not automatically parse URLs") that line.
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Re: My Brand New Shitty Fast Moba Map - Winter Offense (shitty)

New postby 3ICE on Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:42 pm

3ICEDemolisher: oh
Fixed :) phpMyAdmin to the rescue!

SELECT * FROM `f_posts`
ORDER BY `f_posts`.`post_id` DESC
LIMIT 0 , 30

Showing rows 0 - 29 (4166 total, Query took 0.0008 sec) [post_id: 4810 - 4781]

UPDATE `3ice_db1`.`f_posts` SET `post_text` = ...
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