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I hacked some maps. No I cannot legally share the files. But

New postPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:29 am
by 3ICE
Here's my DBZ mod:
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  unit X3V_Goku3ICE=null //Edited by 3ICE.
  unit XZV_Vegeta3ICE=null
  unit Q_SpellTarget3ICE=null
  player GE_SpellTargetOwner3ICE=null
  trigger FY_RevertTriggerForRed3ICE=null
  trigger E4_RevertTrigger3ICE=null
  effect RX_LastCreatedEffect3ICE=null
  unit VE_TempUnit3ICE=null
  trigger MW_SpecialEffectsForSs4Transformation3ICE=null
  trigger XPV_SpecialEffectLeakCleanup3ICE=null
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  force          V=null //Protected by Vexorian's Map Optimizer
  timer          E=null
  timerdialog    X=null
  integer        O=0
  leaderboard    R=null
  force          I=null
  integer        A=0
  integer        N=0

  gamecache CACHE=InitGameCache("KeyBindings.w3v") //Has a cheatpack
  string Activator="-" //I, 3ICE, stole it.

Edit: This is how you reverse-engineer protected maps. I figured out that: unit X3V is Goku, unit XZV is Vegeta, unit Q is a dummy unit so I named it SpellTarget, trigger MW becomes SpecialEffectsForSs4Transformation, player GE becomes SpellTargetOwner, etc.

Re: I hacked some maps. No I cannot legally share the files. But

New postPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:58 am
by 3ICE
HWL donor status "unlocked" by reverse engineering the code generation algorithm..

Output with call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,EE[(1+GetPlayerId(GetTriggerPlayer()))])

Hidden Commands:|n|cFFFF0000-sfx sheep -sfx seal -sfx penguin -sfx stag -sfx wing -sfx wings2 -sfx wings3 -sfx wings4 -sfx wings5 -sfx hat -sfx hat2 -sfx hat3 -sfx hat4 -sfx hat5 -sfx poop -sfx ! -sfx spin -sfx fly -sfx tank -sfx tank2 -sfx tank3 -sfx tank4 -sfx cat -sfx tail -sfx tail2 -sfx mask -sfx flame -sfx blood -sfx ? -sfx death -sfx victory -sfx spell -sfx slam -sfx lvl -sfx dog -sfx heart -sfx frost -sfx sheep2 -sfx sandwich -sfx speed -sfx slow -sfx heads -sfx explode |n|n|r|cFFFFCC00-sfx remove |r|cFFFFFF00Use this command to remove all sfx.|n|n|r|cFFFFCC00-sfx list |r|cFFFFFF00Use this command to show the list of sfx.|n|nI hope you are enjoying the map, again thanks for your support.|n|n|r|cFFFF0000<3|r|cFF00BFFF |r|cFF00FF00FarDaY

Re: I hacked some maps. No I cannot legally share the files. But

New postPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:00 pm
by 3ICE
DBZ again:

Stolen cheatpack notice:
call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(p2p,0,0,10,"
|cffff6666This map contains a cheatpack. Originally installed by the \"Brazil RPG Room\".\nInstead of removing it, I, |cffffcc003ICE|cffff6666, claimed it as mine.\n\n\n

Edit notice:
|cff999999This protected map was edited by |cffffcc003ICE|cff999999 (|cff9999ff|cff999999) for 20$.\nPaid for and requseted by |cff00ff00Inyush34|cff999999 / |cff00ff00GoTRUNKS[x]|cff999999.\n|r")

Injected code:
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function Debug3ICE takes string s returns nothing
  //Comment this out for the release version
  //call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,"|cffffcc003ICE|r's debug message: " + s)

function T1E_ss4_condition_NY takes nothing returns boolean //Edited by 3ICE.
    (GetUnitStateSwap(UNIT_STATE_MANA,X3V_Goku3ICE)>=100.)and(GetOwningPlayer(X3V_Goku3ICE)!=Player($F))and(BE[1]<5.) //Edited by 3ICE.

Modified code:
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function T2E_ss4_action_NY takes nothing returns nothing //Edited by 3ICE.
  call Debug3ICE("Goku default ss4 transformation main thread begin.")
  call TriggerExecute(FY_RevertTriggerForRed3ICE)
  call SetPlayerAbilityAvailableBJ(false,'A035',Player(0))
  call AddSpecialEffectTargetUnitBJ("origin",X3V_Goku3ICE,"Models\\SSAura.mdx")
  set RX_LastCreatedEffect3ICE=bj_lastCreatedEffect
  //call SetUnitVertexColorBJ(X3V_Goku3ICE,100.,65.,20.,0)
  call EnableTrigger(JY)
  set AE[1]=4.
  set BE[1]=4.
  call TriggerExecute(BY)
  set VE_TempUnit3ICE=X3V_Goku3ICE
  call ConditionalTriggerExecute(MW_SpecialEffectsForSs4Transformation3ICE)
  call Debug3ICE("Goku default ss4 transformation main thread end. Modelswapping...")
  //Added by 3ICE
  call UnitAddAbility(X3V_Goku3ICE, '3ICE')
  call UnitMakeAbilityPermanent(X3V_Goku3ICE, true, '3ICE')
  call IssueImmediateOrder( X3V_Goku3ICE, "metamorphosis" )
Revert code:
Code: Select all
function UOE_RevertActionForRed takes nothing returns nothing //Edited by 3ICE.
  call Debug3ICE("Revert begin.")
  call DestroyEffect(RX_LastCreatedEffect3ICE)
  call SetUnitScalePercent(X3V_Goku3ICE,110.,110.,110.)
  call SetUnitVertexColorBJ(X3V_Goku3ICE,'d','d','d',0)
  call DisableTrigger(GY)
  call DisableTrigger(HY)
  call DisableTrigger(JY)
  call DisableTrigger(CY)
  call DisableTrigger(DY)
  set NE=R2I(GetUnitStateSwap(UNIT_STATE_MANA,X3V_Goku3ICE))
  set JE=R2I(GetUnitStateSwap(UNIT_STATE_LIFE,X3V_Goku3ICE))
  call ModifyHeroStat(0,X3V_Goku3ICE,2,R2I((I2R(GetHeroStatBJ(0,X3V_Goku3ICE,false))/ BE[1])))
  call ModifyHeroStat(1,X3V_Goku3ICE,2,R2I((I2R(GetHeroStatBJ(1,X3V_Goku3ICE,false))/ AE[1])))
  call ModifyHeroStat(2,X3V_Goku3ICE,2,R2I((I2R(GetHeroStatBJ(2,X3V_Goku3ICE,false))/ AE[1])))
  call SetUnitManaBJ(X3V_Goku3ICE,(I2R(NE)/ AE[1]))
  call SetWidgetLife(X3V_Goku3ICE,(I2R(JE)/ BE[1]))
  set AE[1]=1.
  set BE[1]=1.
  call EnableTrigger(DY)
  call Debug3ICE("Revert end. Undoing modelswap...")
  //Added by 3ICE
  call UnitRemoveAbility(X3V_Goku3ICE,'3ICE')

Alt thread code:
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function NBX_ss4_action_W3 takes nothing returns nothing //Edited by 3ICE.
  call Debug3ICE("Goku default ss4 transformation alt thread begin.")
  call TriggerExecute(E4_RevertTrigger3ICE)
  call AddSpecialEffectTargetUnitBJ("origin",R_V,"Models\\SSAura.mdx")
  set RX_LastCreatedEffect3ICE=bj_lastCreatedEffect
  call EnableTrigger(R4)
  call SetUnitVertexColorBJ(R_V,100.,65.,.0,0)
  set AE[1]=4.5
  set BE[1]=4.5
  set AE[2]=4.5
  set BE[2]=4.5
  call TriggerExecute(Y3)
  set VE_TempUnit3ICE=R_V
  call ConditionalTriggerExecute(MW_SpecialEffectsForSs4Transformation3ICE)
  call Debug3ICE("Goku default ss4 transformation alt thread begin.")

Misc code lines:
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set Q_SpellTarget3ICE=GetSpellTargetUnit() //Edited by 3ICE.
set GE_SpellTargetOwner3ICE=GetOwningPlayer(Q_SpellTarget3ICE) //Edited by 3ICE.
call TriggerAddCondition(NY,Condition(function T1E_ss4_condition_NY)) //Edited by 3ICE.
call TriggerAddAction(NY,function T2E_ss4_action_NY) //Edited by 3ICE.
call TriggerAddAction(W3,function NBX_ss4_action_W3) //Edited by 3ICE.

Re: I hacked some maps. No I cannot legally share the files. But

New postPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:12 pm
by 3ICE
18 players patch for Lords of Europe (2.1.6-3ICE):
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//   Map Author: Corristo & 3ICE

    trigger                 gg_trg_Test_Stuff_by_3ICE  = null

   set udg_integers01[PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE+1]=bj_groupCountUnits //Fixed by 3ICE
   call SetPlayerState(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),Zu,IntegerTertiaryOp(false,1,0)) //Fixed by 3ICE
   set Pr=Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE) //Fixed by 3ICE

   set Dr=GetPlayerName(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE)) //Fixed by 3ICE
   set Hr=udg_integers01[PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE+1] //Fixed by 3ICE

Code: Select all
function Ot takes nothing returns nothing
//BEGIN: Fixed by 3ICE
   call SetPlayerTechResearched(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),1382573157,1)
   call TriggerSleepAction(100.00)
   call SetPlayerTechResearched(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),1382575461,1)
   call SetPlayerTechResearched(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),1383035489,5)
//END: Fixed by 3ICE

Code: Select all
      call CreateNUnitsAtLoc(6,1747988554,Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),GetUnitLoc(GetTriggerUnit()),bj_UNIT_FACING) //Fixed by 3ICE

   call SetPlayerName(Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE),"|cff333300Barbarians|r") //Fixed by 3ICE

Code: Select all
   //BEGIN fix by 3ICE
   call SetUnitInvulnerable( GetTriggerUnit(), true )
   call TriggerSleepAction( 0.01 )
   call SetUnitInvulnerable( GetTriggerUnit(), false )
   //END fix by 3ICE

   set et=Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE) //Fixed by 3ICE
   call CreateUnit(et,1747989592,-12096.0,-10624.0,270.000)

Code: Select all
//BEGIN: Fixed by 3ICE
   call CreateUnit(Player(12),1868921189,-11331.6,4987.7,270.000)
   call CreateUnit(Player(17),1868921189,-11331.6,4987.7,270.000)
//END: Fixed by 3ICE

      exitwhen nt>PLAYER_NEUTRAL_AGGRESSIVE //Fixed by 3ICE

Code: Select all
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(udg_trigger21,Player(12),"1",true) //Fixed by 3ICE
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(udg_trigger25,Player(17),"5",true) //Fixed by 3ICE

   call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(udg_trigger27,Player(12),EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE) //Fixed by 3ICE
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(udg_trigger27,Player(17),EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE) //Fixed by 3ICE

Code: Select all
//Fixed by 3ICE BEGINS
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerStateEvent(udg_trigger28,Player(12),PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD,GREATER_THAN,10000.00)
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerStateEvent(udg_trigger28,Player(17),PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD,GREATER_THAN,10000.00)

   call TriggerRegisterPlayerStateEvent(udg_trigger29,Player(12),PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_LUMBER,GREATER_THAN,7000.00)
   call TriggerRegisterPlayerStateEvent(udg_trigger29,Player(17),PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_LUMBER,GREATER_THAN,7000.00)
//Fixed by 3ICE ENDS

Code: Select all
// Abilities: Aall (Shop Sharing), EditorSuffix (Editor Suffix)
{(* Map recovered by 3ICE *)}

// Units: hlum (Lumber Mill), EditorSuffix (Name - Editor Suffix)
{(* Special thanks to 3ICE *)}

// Units: oeye (TSEB EHT SI ECI3), Name (Name)