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.w3m\.w3x file hash, used by Blizzard nowadays

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 12:22 pm
by Nightingale

I am afraid, this might be quite a complicated thing, but since it became obvious that I would not be going to address the issue on my own, it seems as the forum is a great place to seek for advice.

As far as you might know, Blizzard use some kind of a 160-bit hash value to define each map (either .w3x or .w3m one). One of the easiest ways to get familiar to it is to check the "Documents/Warcraft III/Maps/Download/.." directory. The problem is to determine the origin of this 160-bit hash.

I have already looked through some of the great articles, covering the topic of the architecture of either an MPQ archives in general or .w3x map files in particular, but still I am pretty sure I have not noticed anything on the topic yet. According to my own research, here are some facts that might be useful:
~ the hash does not depend on a file name at all;
~ the hash DOES depend on any changes applied to the (attributes) file inside the archive, and thus depends on ANY changes to the whole map file;
~ the hash depends on a version of the map (since it is different to the same "standard" maps inside the "Maps" directory of different versions of Wc3);
The last one was quite obvious and could have been easily concluded by the second statement, but still might be a considerable detail.

I would be incredibly grateful to all of you who have any clue to the question.

Nightingale, 2020.04.27.
An example of a map stored by it's hash (done automatically by Blizzard nowadays)
An example of a map stored by it's hash (done automatically by Blizzard nowadays)
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