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Don't ask to ask, just ask!

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:35 am
by 3ICE
AT 4:40 AM
12:21 PM
1:21 PM
Are all Vietnamese like this? Spam hello until the other person acknowledges and only THEN say what you want? So strange to me. Cultural difference between our countries I suppose... What if someone else here can help as well as @Calvin could? Say what you want please. I'm curious!

I usually start my communication attempts with: saying what I want right off the bat without any small talk, then realize I forgot to say hi so I add "P.s.: Hi" and then just spam a "yo what's up, please read my message above" every hour or so. Until they do so or I get tired/change my mind.
Yeah,if he does not reply,it’s mean he dont want to talk to me
Maybe he is focusing on making the new stuffs ... %20out.png
Here's the game Thu Lan and I are playing
Taking it to the extreme... By the time I see her message she's asleep. When she messages me I'm asleep/at work. Never find a time when we're both there. Communication stalls out.

Oh! And don't call me Sir, please :))
What can I call u?
Anything else. ice, 3ICE, Daniel, etc. Sir makes me look old. I want to be young forever!