Taiwanese people speak English so weird. (→Mandarin Chinese)

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Taiwanese people speak English so weird. (→Mandarin Chinese)

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(Szia!) Yeah I have an advantage there: I had a Taiwanese lab partner for a whole year in Finland (for a BSc research grant) and her pronounced English was similarly "different", for lack of a better word. So I'm almost completely used to it by now. Their written communication is flawless though. Usually. I focused on the slides, as they are wonderfully constructed. So many good examples! — Orange gave the same talk at least three times (same title, same slides, same script, different conferences) and the best version of them on YouTube is this one (far fewer views here though...) And from watching both, to me it feels like he has a 100% set, and perfectly practiced script, with all predetermined talking points written down. Though once he delivered the speech in Mandarin Chinese instead of English. It'd be nice of either CodeBlue or Orange to put that script up as a download for us. Or the other conference guys; Hack In The Box, HITCON, etc. YouTube can parse text into properly timed subtitles rather well too, so we could transform the transcript into subtitles with one click.
p.s.: Hello fellow Hungarian person! (I hope I assumed your nationality correctly from your name ;Gábor) The world is small :)

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