I'm back ? Maybe ?

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I'm back ? Maybe ?

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Well I don't know if you guys might remember me or not and could see if I can pull up some of my old threads I made here a long time ago. Well, I registered here back in August of 2008 and I met 3ICE and well, he converted maps for me since I fail on doing that myself and I suck at computers. Well, I told him I was going to leave WarCraft and move on with other games. I did and well I am about to get a new computer within a week and it is going to be super fast. I wanted to come back and maybe create one or two more maps for WarCraft RoC and maybe start a clan. I run a Counter-Strike Source Gaming Community now and my own site and everything but I am not here to advertise that. I am just announcing I am back to WarCraft. Also some cool things for 3ICE if he is willing to continue to convert my maps: I can now pay him. I am making money and would love to help 3ICE with not only his site but his time he gives out to all players seeking aid. 3ICE I hope you remember me ^^

See you around.

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Re: I'm back ? Maybe ?

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Welcome back.

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Re: I'm back ? Maybe ?

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Glad to have someone else to talk to... >.>
It's just 3ICE and I hanging around lately...

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