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haiii 3ice

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haii ice im back, this site just randomly clicked into my head and yes, i am currently sitting in legal studies when i put this post up. How is every thing going for you, for me everything is good, final year of school is fun but boring the teachers are laid back and easy markers except for one... my legal teacher hates me... i finally found you again xD

P.s. also for that screenshot test how much memory you got and could i see a pic of it please xD...
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Re: haiii 3ice

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I'm doing my stupid exams.

Already done with 9, still have History, Literature, Ethics and Maths. (I don't understand why they force me to study all this crap. I don't want to fill my brain with useless knowledge! Maths is cool, History is pointless (past elementary school), Literature is annoying and confusing, and Ethics is a joke.) Today is my Ethics exam...

Yes, the school system in Hungary is horrible.

p.s.: 2GB and no.

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