all campaign progress lost [solved]

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all campaign progress lost [solved]

Unread post by 3ICE »

Enter: Dead GFX card, person thinks all their campaign progress is lost. Because they can't see it on their laptop. I educate them, it's not automagic, you've gotta transfer some data first:

You lost nothing but a video card. Progress (QuickSave.w3z) is safe. Solution: Take out the hard drive from Dead PC. Connect it to Laptop.
Copy this folder to your laptop, to the same location, but C:\
X:\Users\YaY\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile1
Do not lose progress. Copy files.

18 seconds ago (edited)
Wait, the dead PC turns on in safe mode!? Cool, then all you need is a pendrive to transfer your files. No messing with the hard drive necessary.
By the way just to be safe, transfer all other files under Saved Games too. For example mine has three profiles and several campaign saves:

C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile1\The Black Company Beta v1.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile1\Campaigns.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile1\Campaigns.w3v
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile1\QuickSave.w3z

C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile2\Blizzard\Zones\OrcX01.w3z
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile2\Campaigns.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile2\a.w3z
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile2\Campaigns.w3v

C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile3\Campaigns.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile3\c.w3z
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile3\Campaigns.w3v
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile3\The Black Company Beta v1.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\Profile3\DemoCampaign.w3p
C:\Users\Daniel3ICE\Saved Games\Warcraft III\go back to Warcraft III.lnk

Edit: In the past, this folder was in Program Files along with all other game data. (Downloaded maps, crash logs, screenshots, mpq files, etc.) Only recently did Blizzard explode our installation across several folders in the PC. Making game-folder-sharing considerably harder. Multiple steps needed now. Can't just zip up the main folder and expect your saves to carry across.

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