This is an altered melee map. If you like "Free gold free wood no food" then this map is for you. Features: Reverse Upkeep, Select your race ingame, Purchasable auras, Trinkets, Mass Controller and more.
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Hey 3ice ! I such loved your map, but tehre is a negative point : The version !

It's on ROC and on patch 1.00! Please fix it !!! I wanna play on the last patch with TFT !!


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Re: Versions

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That just means it is compatible with all versions of Warcraft 3.

And making my map work on RoC has enabled numerous LAN communities (who do not have the money to install TFT on 20-30 computers) to play it.

I don't want to stop supporting the Reign of Chaos community for no reason. (All my maps are RoC-compatible.)
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