Reverse ice

The perfect one step solution for creating Ice/Sliding Mazes in both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. It is the only decent system around and it even works in RoC, is lagfree, perfectly optimized, fast and reliable. The included TerrainKill feature frees you from the tedious task of creating a thousand kill-regions.
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Re: Reverse ice

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Thats the thing, keep a open mind for one second. You posted how to make units go backward from the way they are facing, but can you also make it so you can steer while going backwards? Thats why i posted a whole new question O.o, this one didnt have everything i wanted.


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Re: Reverse ice

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i just found out, i've never touched the world editor for 6 months..... i'll see if i can fix that problem.... wait for the map

EDIT: What I did was put a different layer of ice in the pile so ice, when your in the different ice, you would automatically turn 180 degrees and change your speed to negative for reverse. P.S. to 3ICE, please excuse me for editing your script for awhile, after all i'm still learning JASS, all I did was made udg_Slide to an array and changed all of them(the udg_Slide in Slide and Steer to array (by adding [#]))

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