5 kinds of ice, my triggers are ineffective.

The perfect one step solution for creating Ice/Sliding Mazes in both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. It is the only decent system around and it even works in RoC, is lagfree, perfectly optimized, fast and reliable. The included TerrainKill feature frees you from the tedious task of creating a thousand kill-regions.
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5 kinds of ice, my triggers are ineffective.

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Hello 3Ice i have used your sliding trigger in my map, and made 5 types of ice. It actually works, but the game crashed once. I think theres a memory leak somewhere, could you find it? By the way i dont know a shit Jass. I know i have too many H unit groups and i will change that when i get time. The triggers are probably very "ineffective", all help will be appriciated.
EDIT: Spelling mistakes.
EDIT2: I have run into (yet) another problem with my map. I have some units with the "Wander (Neautral)" ability and "Lucust", and i want them to stay inside a specifik region. When i put pathing blockers (Air) around, they simply walk through them (They have moving type "fly"). If i remove "Locust" they stay inside the region, but i dont want them to be selectable.
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Re: 5 kinds of ice, my triggers are ineffective.

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About your 2nd problem: Solution is simple, one of the basic mazing triggers.
Event: Unit leaves <Guard Region>
Action: Send unit to <random point in Guard region>

It must have been hard to get it to work like that without knowing JASS. Grats.

I'm checking your 5 kinds of ice now...

EDIT After examining the script:
All I have to say is:
Give up. You have to learn JASS first.
You can't go and create 5 periodic triggers that run every 0.01 seconds, it will be too laggy.
Everything has a limit, and you went way past the limits of JASS so turn back.

You should read the comments on my blog post here and combine the solutions I posted. It is a lot simpler than what you have now. One periodic trigger with five if blocks.

EDIT2 After testing:
It doesn't work. The tank only slided on 'Nice', the rest seems to be broken.

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