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5 kinds of ice, my triggers are ineffective.

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:28 am
by Polar
Hello 3Ice i have used your sliding trigger in my map, and made 5 types of ice. It actually works, but the game crashed once. I think theres a memory leak somewhere, could you find it? By the way i dont know a shit Jass. I know i have too many H unit groups and i will change that when i get time. The triggers are probably very "ineffective", all help will be appriciated.
EDIT: Spelling mistakes.
EDIT2: I have run into (yet) another problem with my map. I have some units with the "Wander (Neautral)" ability and "Lucust", and i want them to stay inside a specifik region. When i put pathing blockers (Air) around, they simply walk through them (They have moving type "fly"). If i remove "Locust" they stay inside the region, but i dont want them to be selectable.

Re: 5 kinds of ice, my triggers are ineffective.

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:17 pm
by 3ICE
About your 2nd problem: Solution is simple, one of the basic mazing triggers.
Event: Unit leaves <Guard Region>
Action: Send unit to <random point in Guard region>

It must have been hard to get it to work like that without knowing JASS. Grats.

I'm checking your 5 kinds of ice now...

EDIT After examining the script:
All I have to say is:
Give up. You have to learn JASS first.
You can't go and create 5 periodic triggers that run every 0.01 seconds, it will be too laggy.
Everything has a limit, and you went way past the limits of JASS so turn back.

You should read the comments on my blog post here and combine the solutions I posted. It is a lot simpler than what you have now. One periodic trigger with five if blocks.

EDIT2 After testing:
It doesn't work. The tank only slided on 'Nice', the rest seems to be broken.