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Different terrain codes

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:30 pm
by manstie
As seen in the stickied topic "Sliding on Icecrown Dark Ice", there are terrain codes for 3ICE's Sliding System to be used in the JASS Setup2 trigger. A few days ago I wanted to make units slide on "Underground Ice", although there was a problem:
Two "Underground" tiles are incoherent in the editor. For example in the tileset editor, it says "Underground Ice", but when using triggers, it says "Underground Lava".
To clear all the problems with the underground tileset, here is a list of Underground tiles:
'Gdrt' = Underground Dirt (cliff)
'Gbrk' = Underground Brick
'Grds' = Underground Red Stone
'Glvc' = Underground Ice Chunks or Lava Cracks in the trigger editor (and code)
'Glav' = Underground Ice or Lava in the trigger editor (and code)
'Gdkr' = Underground Dark Rock
'Ggrs' = Underground Grey Stones
'Gsqd' = Underground Square Tiles (cliff)
'cGc2' = Underground Dirt (non-cliff)
'cGc1' = Underground Square Tiles (non-cliff)
I hope this helps.

Edited by 3ICE: Shortened link by removing useless parameters. Not "All", just "Two" tiles. Not "mixed up", but "incoherent". Rewrote first sentence, removed old (wrong/misunderstandable) information, rewrote (new/fixed) information. Stickied forever.

Thanks to manstie for bringing it to our attention.