The joke everyone makes about Reverse psychology backfiring

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The joke everyone makes about Reverse psychology backfiring

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[07:03:07.234] <3ICE> transparency was invented a while ago :P
[07:03:41.421] <3ICE> make it png,
[07:03:52.734] <3ICE> then set white as your transparent color
[07:04:00.109] <3ICE> or deep pink, as is the standard
[07:04:20.171] <3ICE> I usually use the color code FEFE00
[07:04:35.218] <3ICE> it is one 256th shade lighter than purple
[07:04:27.703] <EqualiseR> k one second
[07:04:30.140] <EqualiseR> does have that?
[07:04:35.000] <3ICE> yeah
[07:04:36.281] <EqualiseR> if not ill just use photoshop cs6
[07:04:37.453] <EqualiseR> k
[07:04:41.734] <3ICE> I usually do it with irfan view
[07:04:42.718] <3ICE> and ms paint
[07:04:46.968] <EqualiseR> I have the photoshop trial starting yesterday!
[07:04:55.671] <3ICE> I torrented photoshop
[07:04:58.984] <EqualiseR> lol
[07:05:05.484] <3ICE> and on my main pc
[07:05:17.296] <3ICE> I don't even have any fancy image editors
[07:05:32.156] <3ICE> I can do everything I need with ms paint + irfan view
[07:05:56.984] <3ICE> I'm very productive about it too:
[07:05:59.921] <3ICE>
[07:06:11.890] <3ICE> digging through all that would take you a good hour
[07:06:22.687] <3ICE> so many funny pictures I've made
[07:06:29.281] <3ICE> funny to me, at any rate
[07:06:50.109] <3ICE> mostly inconsistencies in games, programmer jokes, screenshots of bugs, etc
[07:07:11.500] <EqualiseR> ill check it out later
[07:07:20.406] <3ICE> no don't!
[07:07:40.281] <3ICE> save yourself from wasting an hour of your life
[07:07:42.078] <3ICE> or two
[07:07:52.203] <3ICE> I can spend hours on imgur
[07:07:57.640] <3ICE> looking at funny pictures...
[07:07:58.015] <EqualiseR> I see
[07:07:59.562] <EqualiseR> then I won't
[07:08:04.703] <3ICE> no, do
[07:08:12.515] <3ICE> I wanted to make you want to check them out more
[07:08:19.859] <3ICE> by telling you the opposite
[07:08:20.500] <EqualiseR> lol
[07:08:22.515] <EqualiseR> well, the opposite applied
[07:08:30.515] <3ICE> you appear to be immune to reverse psychology, good sir

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