God vs Satan v0.1

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Re: God vs Satan v0.1

Unread post by Clement22 »


Edit: viewforum.php?f=19
Edit 2: I create the map config file with the help of GhostOne, however it has noticed me that the file was incomplete but that i might still be able to fill it in. I don't know how to fill it in so far i have discovered that i needed:
map_size =
map_info =
map_crc =
map_matchmakingcategory =
map_statsw3mmdcategory =

Any help you could supply would be welcome

[Mon Jan 13 11:30:37 2014] [UTIL] warning - unable to read file [C:\Users\Clement\Desktop\Games\WC mapmaking\ghost\maps\godvsgod.w3m]
[Mon Jan 13 11:30:37 2014] [MAP] warning - unable to load MPQ file [C:\Users\Clement\Desktop\Games\WC mapmaking\ghost\maps\godvsgod.w3m]
[Mon Jan 13 11:30:37 2014] [MAP] no map data available, using config file for map_size, map_info, map_crc, map_sha1
[Mon Jan 13 11:30:37 2014] [MAP] no map data available, using config file for map_width, map_height, map_slot<x>, map_numplayers, map_numteams
# map file for godvsgod #

# the map path tells Warcraft III clients where to find the map on their system
# it is NOT the path to the map on the GHost++ system, in fact GHost++ doesn't need the map at all

map_path = Maps\Download\godvsgod.w3m

# map speed
# 1 = slow
# 2 = normal
# 3 = fast

map_speed = 3

# map visibility
# 1 = hide terrain
# 2 = explored
# 3 = always visible
# 4 = default

map_visibility = 2

# map observers
# 1 = none
# 2 = on defeat
# 3 = allowed
# 4 = referees

map_observers = 3

# map flags
# - you can combine these flags by adding together all the options you want to use
# - for example to have teams together and fixed teams you would use "3"
# 1 = teams together
# 2 = fixed teams
# 4 = unit share
# 8 = random hero
# 16 = random races

map_flags = 2

# map game type
# 1 = custom

map_gametype = 1

# map dimensions

map_width = 128 0
map_height = 128 0

# map players and teams

map_numplayers = 4
map_numteams = 4

# slot structure
# [PID] [Download Status] [Slot Status] [Computer] [Team] [Colour] [Race] [Skill] [Handicap]
# - PID is always 0
# - Download Status is always 255
# - Slot Status is 0 for open, 1 for closed, 2 for occupied
# - Computer is 0 for no, 1 for yes
# - Team
# - Colour
# - Race is 1 for human, 2 for orc, 4 for night elf, 8 for undead, 32 for random (add 64 to any of these for fixed)
# - Skill is 0 for easy computer, 1 for normal computer or human, 2 for hard computer
# - Handicap is 50/60/70/80/90/100

map_slot1 = 0 255 0 0 0 0 1 1 100
map_slot2 = 0 255 0 0 0 1 1 1 100
map_slot3 = 0 255 0 0 0 2 1 1 100
map_slot4 = 0 255 0 0 0 3 1 1 100

# map type (for map specific stats)

map_matchmakingcategory =
map_statsw3mmdcategory =

# map local path (for map downloads)
# GHost++ doesn't require map files but if it has access to them it can send them to players
# GHost++ will search bot_mappath + map_localpath for the map file (bot_mappath is set in the main config file)

map_localpath = godvsgod.w3m
God vs God Free-For All v2.0.w3m
(76.36 KiB) Downloaded 315 times

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Re: God vs Satan v0.1

Unread post by 3ICE »

Oh yeah, I just remembered why I didn't want to bother splitting this topic into three myself. Too much effort. Never mind.
Just make new topics in the future for your separate problems.
This thread is quite the mess already. Let's keep it about God vs Satan v0.1 from now on, as that is its title.

Interesting issue... The only reason I even use GhostOne to create my skeleton map configs is because it fills those fields in for me nicely. Not sure why yours doesn't.

Though I do find your map path to be quite long winded. And when I find something silly it usually turns out to be the cause of the problem:
unable to read file [C:\Users\Clement\Desktop\Games\WC mapmaking\ghost\maps\godvsgod.w3m]

The hostbot either has no permission to that path, or it doesn't even exist. Fix it, and your problem will go away.

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Re: God vs Satan v0.1

Unread post by Clement22 »

here i the two new forums:
Bot setup: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=851&p=4743#p4743 (i posted something on that one)
Multiple host: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=852

Hey 3ICE,
I'm creating a bit more things for the map, and i came up with a computer player attacking all human players wave after wave. I created the spawn and all but i don't know how to make the units spawn attack the player units in a way that their goal is to get to the God of each person and kill it, but moving in an aggressive way (attacking everyhtng on their path). Could you help me creating the base triggers i need for this, i'll make the modifications for each player myself. If you need any info tell me i'll provide it. I'd also like to know how to create a time reaction, (aka timer expires next triggers begins)

Edit: Could you host the map for me if i give you map config or map file?

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