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Need help!

Unread post by anderssan »

So, ive been trying to make a warcraft III remake of the Naxxramas instance in WoW, and now i ran into a little problem. I have been working on Thaddius (if anyone is playing WoW you may know who he is) and i would like to know:

How do you make a unit (with custom value 111) damage another friendly unit (with custom value 222) whenever they get close to each other?

In the map your units has to split in two groups and kill two adds. One of the adds give a positive charge, and the other gives a negative charge on all units close to them. Then i would like to make them deal damage to each other when a unit with a positive charge gets close to a unit with a negative charge. Any suggestion to help with this issue would be great :)

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Re: Need help!

Unread post by 3ICE »

You should use customized immolation spells instead of complicated triggering.

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Re: Need help!

Unread post by anderssan »

Thank you for the help, i have made 2 immolation spells now and it works fine. Now i got into a problem with stacking strength, but i found a soultion to it myself :D

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